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Valutone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Data, image,Transcription;OCR;math-Latex composing

About the Company

Quality is at the heart of our organization's philosophy. We are very meticulous and focused in the niche we operate in: -
1) Content Creation (Pre-press)
a] Typesetting using Latex, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer
b] Image creation, scanning, transformation solutions
2) Content Transformation
a] Data entry, tagging, conversion, formatting, reformatting
3) Transcription (Voice, Video, Handwriting)
4) Website design
5) Web-based research
Service Description
We are a group of IT/web development professionals with proven skills in data management and web based applications. We offer solutions to corporate clients.

Profile Type: Business
Year Founded: 2003
Number of Employees: 25
Focus - client-centric solutions
Strength - Our hunger for details
Our quality control process ensures output to match the highest standards
We are committed to deliver on time with the best quality
We specialize in pre-press and quality work. Our service/achievements include: -

1) Preparing image layouts and artwork for diagrams, book covers etc.
2) Smart data entry based on various input parameters and conditions
3) Data tagging in HTML and XML
4) Internet-based research
5) Voice transcription - converting multiple accent English narration to formatted text
6) Multimedia presentations converted to formatted text
7) Converting documents to PDF and vice versa
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We would like to work on escrow payments. Payments on delivery and confirmation that work has been delivered as per requirements.
Sunil Purushotham
Data Voice Solutions, CEO
Data Entry work, done. 2500 forms with 50 multiple choice questions each were entered.
Valutone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd | Elance

Valutone Software Solutions Pvt Ltd