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Asim Bawany

When You Want To Stand Out From The Herd
  |   Karachi, Sind
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About the Company

If you came here looking for a company that boasts hundreds of clients and hundreds of projects, you're in the wrong place. Our team at Big Moose is small, dedicated and are absolute ninjas when it comes to crafting custom web solutions for our clients' very unique needs.

Rather than doing everything under the sun and being average at it, we have developed our core competencies in developing very versatile, stable and scalable web applications that fulfill your business goals (and those of your customers in B2B situations) in the easiest and leanest ways imaginable.

These web applications can take the form of complex eCommerce websites, WordPress plugins to fulfill your business needs or to be sold commercially, and complex Paas or SaaS applications. If you are about to start such a project, lets talk about how our team of Designers, Engineers and Marketers can help bring your idea to life and make your venture a wild success.

Service Description
Big Moose Marketing helps clients get more customers by providing proven online and offline marketing as well as consulting to produce big results.

Their services include traditional internet marketing services plus:

1. Website Design
2. Lead Generation
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Profit Pulling Copy Writing
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Setting up Social Media Campaigns and Management
7. Social Media Training and Educational Programs
8. YouTube Channel Creation
9. Setting up conversion funnels

Big Moose is headed up by two partners from similar yet varied backgrounds.
Roxanne Batson has spent her life in sales and marketing in the US. After achieving seven figure sales with 3 different companies she combined her passion for business, a proven marketing system and her interest in helping other entrepreneurs to launch Big Moose Marketing.

Winner of Presidents and Chairmanís Club Recognitions as a Merrill Lynch Financial Consultant and receiver of five technology manufacturer sales awards after launching her own technology products company, Roxanne is often sought after for her knowledge and experience in client attraction and growing business profits.

Asim Bawany is a young Entrepreneur based in Karachi, Pakistan. He began his career as a lead generating telemarketer where he was quickly promoted to head up a sales team. From there he went on to create several successful telemarketing campaigns for clients and employers until internet marketing caught his attention. He is now a full time internet marketer.

Asimís expertise includes online marketing strategies such as Web Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, sales conversion funnels, Copy and Script Writing and Joint Venture Partnerships.

Systems and Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Small Business Owners who want to:
* Capture More Prospects
* Convert More Clients
* Make More Money

Together, Roxanne and Asim have created a company that integrates technology, sales knowledge and experience with proven marketing systems to help their clients significantly grow their business in the digital age without the hassle of having to learn programming, technology, website design or doing any of the technical stuff so they can focus on service to their customers and growth through referrals.
Textile Institute of Pakistan
Bachelors in Business Administration
2005 - 2009
Artistic Milliners
2009 - 2010
Product development, merchandising, order followup and delivery scheduling. Correspondence with buyers. Artistic Milliners is one of the Largest Manufacturers of Denim Fabric and Apparel.
Dadabhoy Textile Sourcing
2009 - 2009
DTS is a sourcing firm based in Karachi, Pakistan with clientele in US. Mainly deals in knitted Apparel. Primarily, Fleece Jackets, Polos and Tshirts. Responsibilities included regular updates form suppliers to clients, order follow up, product development, delivery scheduling and planning and regular correspondence with buyers.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment terms vary based on type of project, services chosen and length of service involved. Talk to us to discuss!
Doren Aldana
Power Of Choice Coaching, Owner
Telephone sales and Marketing as well as Coaching to some extent.
Roxanne Batson
Good News Network, Owner
Marketing assistance, Internet Marketing and Data Entry Solutions. Working on an ongoing basis.
Bilal Afghani
Ensign Communique, Operations Manager
Worked at Ensign, innitially as a telesales representative and subsequently as a Team Leader. The projects worked on include: Mortgage - Lead generation and hot transfers Debt Settlement - Hot transfers
Asim Bawany | Elance

Asim Bawany