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Diane C.

Experienced Freelance Writer & Editor
   United States
  |   Sunapee, NH


I am interested in obtaining freelance work in the areas of writing, proofreading, editing to include copywriting for websites, ghostwriting, blogs, biographies for personal use or otherwise, resumes, and creative writing (for children or adults). I have professional and personal experience with the creation, publication and promotion of both fiction and non-fiction books.

I am also interested in obtaining work as a Virtual Assistant. I have unlimited experience in all areas related to administrative work including internet research, data entry, word processing, as well as client-driven requests.
Service Description
I offer a myriad of freelance services that allow the client to experience prompt, professional and confidential service. The quality of service I provide will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. From SEO copy writing, hand lettering and proofreading to client-specific projects, I will fulfill your request fast and without exception. I also provide word process/typing services and would love to work with someone on a manuscript - I have personal and professional experience in this area.

Text to Voice Service

Digital recording of text (documents, reports, articles) to WMA files allowing you to listen to business materials while you work, drive, fly or relax.


All documents are produced with primary focus on your requirements, with exclusive attention to detail. Documents may be submitted either in handwritten or printed formats - such as business proposals, manuscripts, articles, reports, standard operating procedures, and resumes, as well as any client-specific requests. Allowing off-site production support of your personal or corporate documents will eliminate any overhead costs associated with additional on-site personnel that may be required to meet specific deadlines.


Professional and timely proofreading and editing services of websites, proposals, manuscripts, articles and any other client-driven requests can be addressed through email, postal mail, telephone or fax contact. Our services will allow you the freedom to focus on other areas or projects simultaneously. All documents are reviewed for accuracy, content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, terms, formatting and style, without changing the style of your writing or the overall content of the document. At your request, we also provide suggestions regarding any changes that can be made to improve the focus of the document.

Copy Writing

We have extensive experience with both personal and business copywriting including correspondence, standard operating procedures, FAQ's, auction and sales advertisements, user's manuals, resumes and accompanying cover letters, biographies for websites or other uses, ghostwriting of memoirs, as well as client-specific requests such as press releases, articles and reports.

Hand Lettering

Over time, we have developed our own unique styles of hand lettering. Envelopes for invitations or holiday mailings, place cards for weddings, celebrations or business gatherings, as well as postcards can be done in order to meet your event requirements. Clients are required to furnish envelopes, place cards or postcards.

Client-Specific Projects

Client-specific projects may include personal or business correspondence or mailings, as well as internet research or publicity and media scheduling. Mailings for individuals or businesses can be addressed according to detailed requirements. Internet research projects may include gathering and compiling data for market and sales analyses, price comparisons and schedules for travel arrangements, as well as searching for specific items and information. Publicity and media promotion may include internet research, press releases, scheduling of newspaper, radio and television interviews, follow-up via email and telephone, as well as retrieval of articles and tapes for the client.

SEO Copywriting

One of our most popular services is SEO Copy Writing, the key to helping your web site get found in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Engine Optimized Copywriting transforms your website into a target-rich environment for search engines, increasing traffic to your site and the highest rankings that lead to increased sales.

Most web traffic originates from search engines through keywords and links, which affect your site ranking. Keywords and key phrases convey what you do to the search engines, and the inbound links indicate your site's importance. Ultimately, your ranking is created by these unique keywords and key phrases that are placed within your site's textual content.

Uniqueness is a key component in being the prime target for search engines. This crucial combination is what determines your site's significance, relevance, and position. This is what the search engine spiders or bots are seeking, and this is what Skye Writing provides - professionally written Out of the Box SEO copy that will produce optimum results.

Business/Liberal Arts
2000 - 2003
St. Johnsbury Academy
Business/Liberal Arts
1976 - 1980
Payment Terms
Flexible and negotiable depending on the specific project.
Alex Neuwirt
Canary Systems, President
Various administrative tasks, including research and writing of project profiles, assembly of equipment manuals, and data entry.
Svend Filby
Svend Design, Owner
Copywriting for websites, research, ghostwriting, proofreading, editorial services. Text-to-voice services - text to MP3 files. Work performed via www.skye-writing.com
Diane C. | Elance

Diane C.