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av soft solutions

World-Class Customized IT Help Desk
  |   Pune, Maharashtra
  |  1:12 am Local Time

About the Company

We are a team of Experts in all kind of Software Solutions. AV Soft Solutions provides quality web development and consulting services. We use HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Flash, Flex, MySQL, Prototype, MVC Framework, script.aculo.us, jQuery and other web programming technologies and platforms. Since 2011 our team gained experience in e-commerce, marketplace, auction, social networking, dating and tracking application development. Websites and web apps, different API's like Facebook, Tweeter, Flicker, Orkut and other social network applications - that's what we can create for you. Recently our company started providing Web Services Solutions as well.

One of our wing is working on JAVA, J2EE, JSP,JNI, SWT, Spring, Hibernate, RED5 Live Streaming related projects, where we are providing Solutions like Webinar, Rich Internate Application, Desktop Applications etc.

Service Description
AV Soft Solutions pulled 11+ people together to work on challenging projects as the web and software development outsourcing company. Company's office is located in Pune, India.

The main focus of AV Soft Solutions is a client and project's goal. From the very beginning our software development process was built to support crystal clear communications between every customer and our team. We do understand what does Service mean and do our best to provide with a decent quality and in time.


1) Enterprise Solutions

2) Web Services Development

4) Custom Software Development

5) Business Process Automation / Business Reporting

6) Legacy Modernization / Migration Services

7) Software Maintenance and Testing Services

8) Live Streaming Solutions


[ Frameworks & Languages ] : J2EE, Spring 3.0, JAI, JNI, Web MVC, BIRT, Hibernate, JUnit framework

[ Databases ] : MySQL, Oracle 10g XE, SQL Server, MS Access 2000, Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL 5.x, SQLite3

[ Third Party Tools ] : Payment Gateways, Google API, Putty, MS Office, Facebook

[ User Interface ] : HTML4.0, HTML5, XHTML, AJAX, CSS3 and Dreamweaver

[ Scripting Language ] : VBScript, J-Query, Ext JS JavaScript

[ Flash & FLEX ] : Adobe Flash and AS2.0, 3.0, Adobe Flex, Flex 3.0, Action scripting (AS 3.0), Flash Media Server, Flash Remoting, Rich Internet Applications, RED5 Streaming Server

Last but not the least, Our Team is also highly experienced in following APIs

1. Ad Exchange Buyer API
2. AdSense Host API
3. AdSense Management API
4. Google Maps Coordinate API
5. Blogger API
6. Books API
7. Calendar API
8. Translate API
9. URL Shortener API
10.YouTube API
11.Orkut API
12.Paypal API
13.Google Checkout
14.Google App Engine

Feel free to check the list of services our team provides.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
1. 24/7 Phone and online Support
2. Email responses within 24 hrs
3. Free 30 days technical support for all kinds of projects

Standard Business Terms:
Payments Only by Escrow

20% released after delivery of SRS and Design Document (Optional)
30% released after First Milestone Delivery
30% released after Second Milestone Delivery
20% released after Final Project Delivery

Status Reporting:-
Daily status report( time critical and short term projects).
Updates every 4 days for all other projects
av soft solutions | Elance

av soft solutions