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About the Company

A rapidly growing, technology oriented, software development company – Azilen develops and provides wide range of high end solutions and services catering to the varying demands of its customers around the globe.

At Azilen we believe in hard work and dedication, and dedication towards our commitments and to the clients is the reason we are able to make our mark globally. Our expert knowledge and highly competitive team of professionals develops solutions with global standards and a client centric approach.

Service Description
When you choose Azilen Technologies as your IT services, consulting and business solutions partner, you can be certain of one thing – Value Creation. Azilen constantly engages itself in innovation, so as to provide its global customers ways, to create value and grow their businesses. At Azilen, we embrace innovation, measure performance and manage risks that come along. Our continuous and rapid growth is a testament to the quality our clients experience every day.

We employ Bowman and Ambrosini’s value creation model as a base and customize it with our philosophy and business needs.

We thrive on adding real value to global organizations, through domain expertise and adaptive solutions with proven success in the field of world-class service. Delivering an excellent solution, as most organizations do, is definitely valued, but delivering it consistently, time after time has been our success story. Nothing less!!! Nothing less!!!

* Awarded “Best Innovator in IT” by the Indian Institute of Management and
“Trend Setter in IT” by Gujarat Innovation Society.

* Customer Delight for the kind of Quality Delivered in Multiple Projects
across locations spread over the globe.

* eMenu, one of our most successful products in 25+ countries with
a global reseller network.

* Dedicated Development Centers in India with Offices in India and Europe.

* Successful Penetration in both, Products and Services domain.

* Involvement across multiple verticals and domains like Hospitality Industry,
Enterprise Systems, Media & Information Services, and many more.

Best Innovation by an ICT Company
Awarded: 2013
Gujarat Innovation Society
Trend Setter in IT
Awarded: 2012
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Best Innovator in IT
Awarded: 2011
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
* 30% on the beginning of the project.

* 40% on the achieving mutually agreed milestone.

* 30% on completion of the project.
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