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We are a Web Software Development and system integration service provider since 2006. We deliver innovative solutions for businesses of our clients doing this professionally, fast and cost-effective.

Price Advantage | Cost Savings | Premium Quality Project Execution

We promise only what we can deliver. We take pride that for expectations that cannot be met, we know how to say no to clients at the sales level, even if it means to lose business in the short term.

We provide our services around the world. We work with TOP 100 Companies s as well as young startups. Absolute majority of our first-time deals have resulted into repeated orders, that is why our customers recommend Azzaro Co. to the people they know.

We are able to offer this price advantage due to our location and customized project management methods, our expertise on the other hand is due to the amount of time we have spent in the IT industry
Service Description
At Azzaro Co. WebDesign we've had our own app ideas that we’ve developed, released, and watched succeed so we understand the passion you have for your app idea.

Our Programmers are experts in the following technologies/platforms:

API: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, gPlus

LAMP: PHP, Apache, Lighttpd, Python, Zend FrameWork, CakePHP, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Web-Services/SOAP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Smarty, PHPTemplate, Pear, PearDB, Regular expressions, XML/XSLT, jQuery, Prototype, Scriptacolus


Designing: Adope Photoshop

Azzaro Co. offers potential clients the chance to take advantage of the benefits we offer and see what our other clients who have come to depend on us over the years experience on a daily basis.
CCNA 3 Certification
Awarded: 2006
CCNA 2 Certification
Awarded: 2006
CCNA 1 Certification
Awarded: 2006
University "Politehnica" of Bucharest - Computers
System Engineer
2004 - 2009
Catch On
Project Manager
2012 - 2013
An interactive complete package tool for management and interacting with Social Media Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and YoutTube. The perfect tool for Marketing and Customer Services Departments to collaborate and work together with Social Media.
PositiveTalk LLC
Project Manager
2011 - 2012
An interactive social web application for end-users to find out how positive are on Social Media and how positive are their friends. The app calculate your score and rate and provide you reports about your position based on your friends scores. Also, the Positive Talk App help users to interact and become more positive providing positive quotes, images and tips.
ICUC Moderation LLC
IT Department & Intranet Solution Development
2010 - 2012
Developed and Supported the High Quality IntraNet Applications using API's skills from FaceBook and Twitter
Payment Terms
We offer two types of engagement model to our clients:

1. Resource Based - we can provide you with a developer / team that will work directly with you as your development team at an agreed rate.

2. Fixed Cost - we can provide you with a fixed cost for projects where scope is well-defined.

We offer flexible payment schedule with well defined deliverable and checkpoints for each milestone. Please contact -- to know more.
Emanuel D.
Devinx LLC, CEO, Co-Founder
Social Media Management Content and Scheduled Engage with YouTube API and FaceBook API. Complex Statistics and Reporting for Clients and Competitors Application with Twitter API
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