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About the Company

Biz4Solutions group has been serving customers worldwide since 2003 by designing and developing software systems using all the cutting edge technologies like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Java, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Grails, Web 2.0, XML, Backbone.js, angularjs, Sencha (touch), Phonegap, ExtJS etc.

We started our operations out of Indiana, then expanded to other states like Ohio and Florida in US. We operate out of Pune in India.

The company has highly experienced software professionals with a cumulative experience of over 40 person years in IT industry, which includes architecting and designing complex multi-tier software systems, legacy modernization and IT consulting for fortune 500 companies.

We have a proven track record of delivering software solutions with technology, frameworks and components selection most suited for the customer IT environment. We have defined methodologies which we defines our path for execution for our software projects.
Service Description
No. of Employees : 30+
Choose Biz4Solutions as your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java and J2EE application development partner. Our leadership team holds many years of technical experience and expertise in architecting and developing large scale applications. Our team of architects and designers personally work with clients to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget with a keen passion to ensure client satisfaction. Our project managers work with teams of highly skilled Mobile programmers, J2EE developers, CMS experts, graphics specialists and website developers who have passion for creativity.

Our Services include:

- Cross platform mobile applications using frameworks like Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Titanium and PhoneGap
- Native mobile applications Android, iPhone and Blackberry
- Rich & responsive web sites using frameworks such as jQuery, ExtJS, backbone.js, angularjs, twitter bootstrap etc
- RAD frameworks such as GRAILS & RAILS
- J2EE Application Development (JSF, Structs, Spring, Hibernate)
- Open Source CMS & Portals (Joomla, Drupal, Liferay)

We have developed many Java based projects up to $5 million.
We have developed many complex projects for Android applications which included hardware interfacing with Android based phones.
The Open Group Architecture Framework 9 (TOGAF 9)
Awarded: 2012
Project Managment Institute
Project Management Professional
Awarded: 2006
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We prefer to work through escrow system. Our payment terms are as follows:

75% money deposited in the escrow in order for the job to be officially started.
10% money disbursement before starting the job.
70% money disbursement from escrow on staggered milestone delivery
20% money disbursement from escrow after completion of project.

For project cost less than $3000:

75% money deposited in the escrow and 25% disbursement for the job to be officially started.
50% disbursement from escrow on Beta Delivery and remaining 25% deposited in escrow
25% disbursement from escrow on final delivery

For all Projects:

On delivery of each phase, the client will have to release the payment agreed for that phase.

Only when the client pays for the delivered phase, the next phase development will commence. For a phase to commence, the escrow amount needs to be deposited. We will start a new phase only after the realization of the previous phase's payment.

The client will have to review and report the issues back to the programming team (if any) in 2 weeks time after delivery of each phase. After 2 weeks of delivery, issues will be fixed at hourly rate as specified in Elance profile

We will quote further for any requirement changes and this modification will be an extension to the agreed terms and the current terms will be still valid unless and otherwise agreed in writing.

Intellectually Property Rights of the deliverable vest with the client and Biz4Solutions will not make any claim for this.

The client will not, by any manner, offer any software related work to the staff of Biz4Solutions directly or indirectly.

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Biz4Solutions [Mobile, Web, Ruby, Angular]