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Brett D.

Your Proofreading/Copy Editing Ally
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  |   Maryland Heights, MO
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Professional proofreader/copy editor since 2008, specializing in nonfiction books and educational material. Word & Google Docs expert user.

I am a native of the Midwestern United States. I have lived in Illinois, Indiana, and presently reside in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

The bottom line of copy editing--and what sets great copy editors apart from poor ones--is the way in which he / she ensures that every piece of writing achieves full adherence to the Four C's of Editing:
Service Description
Copy Editing: Starts at $5.00 per 1000 words
If a writer has completed a draft of his or her work and is comfortable with the content and is ready to "optimize" the writing, it's time to call on copy editing services.
My copy editing process consists of two read-throughs (called "passes" in the industry).
My first pass is slow, and focuses in at the sentence-level. I analyze every word and punctuation mark to be sure that each sentence is perfectly clear and coherent. I am also taking notes on the writer's style on this pass.
My second pass is a bit quicker, but focuses on making and keeping the writing wholly consistent and correct. This could be considered my "proofreading" pass, as this pass eliminates any mistakes and typos still remaining from my first pass.

Proofreading: Starts at $3.00 per 1000 words
If a writer has effectively completed his or her work and had it sufficiently edited, one of the very last steps is to call on proofreading services. A proofreader's primary task is to verify the written material's correctness.
My proofreading consists of a single pass at about 1/3 of my normal slow reading speed. This speed allows me to study every word and sentence, and confirm that all rules of U.S. English grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling, etc., are followed. I also enforce the work's consistency throughout, making sure the writer's style does not change as the work progresses.

Note: My quoted rate for proofreading and copy editing may vary, depending on the estimated level of editing needed for a particular piece of writing.
Missouri Div. of Professional Registration
Professional Engineer
Awarded: 2013
Valparaiso University
Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering
2003 - 2007
Fletcher-Reinhardt Co.
Electrical Engineer
2008 - Present
National Information Solutions Cooperative
IT Support Specialist
2007 - 2008
Payment Terms
Fixed rate jobs to be paid via Elance Escrow only. Project must be funded before any work begins, unless arrangements are made and expressed to have the project funded during the project.
In such a case, no completed work shall be submitted before the project has been funded.

Hourly rate jobs to be paid weekly. I do not use Work View (if this is an issue, I will gladly explain why).

I will always agree to non-disclosure, including the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), if desired by any client.
If an NDA is not requested, I reserve the right to use excerpts of the final product for private use, but only for the purpose of promoting my freelance services to prospective clients.

If the job length is unknown, or if a job has additional tasks added while the work is in-progress, I reserve the right to request a checkpoint payment within 7 days notice.
Brett D. | Elance

Brett D.