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About the Company

We are Elance experts in Design, Development and Marketing, with test results to prove it. Check our profile page for our skill test scores and our extensive portfolio.

BelugaLabs is a New York City based Internet solutions company. We are a group of experienced designers, programmers and marketing experts, with a proven track record and a diverse portfolio. The company was started after years of experience working for global IT firms and distinguished design studios. We are a team of professionals, who deliver quality results, every time!

Our specialty is turnkey businesses solutions. We provide a full range of services that fall into 3 major categories; Design, Development and Marketing.

If you are looking for innovative development, unique design and proven marketing - call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our combined experience makes us the perfect team to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is your success!
Service Description
Services that we offer:


• Web Design
• Logo and Identity Design
• Print Design
• Website Redesign
• Corporate Web design
• Flash and Animation Design
• 3D Design and Modeling
• Small Business Website Design
• Mobile Web Design
• Print And Brochure Design


• HTML + CSS Development
• HTML5 + CSS3
• Javascript
• jQuery
• WordPress Development
• Joomla Development
• Drupal Development
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Custom Web Development
• Mobile App Development
• eCommerce Development
• Magento Development
• Zen Cart Development
• Rich Internet Applications


• Link Building
• Social Media Marketing
• Facebook Marketing
• Twitter Marketing
• Social Media Integration
• Email & Newsletter Marketing
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Online Reputation Management
• Copywriting
• Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Content Marketing

So why choose us?

The key benefit of hiring a local team for a US based project is communication. We are located right in the center of New York City and we speak your language. We have experience launching online US based businesses from the ground up, all the way to staffing and creating management systems.

What are the benefits to working with us?
We understand American businesses and the rules of marketing that will attract local clients. Are there qualified providers from other countries? Absolutely, but communication is much easier when you provider is local and speaks your language.

Our team consists of content management experts, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers and marketing professionals. Together we can provide a solution for any of our clientΒ’s issues.

When choosing us, you can rely on one team completing all of your tasks while still getting the best value for your money.

Our design is innovative and modern and does not only look good but also serves as a conversion tool distinguishing your business from the competition.

How do we accomplish that?
We design your website with usability in mind. If it takes your visitors more than 8 seconds to figure out your site, you risk losing them to your competitors. Interface design is the corner stone of any successful web site.

If your website does not look professionally designed, you are losing vital credibility and without it, your customer will be unlikely to do business with you. If your website design is not unique, then you lose that special quality that makes your business stand out from the competition. When using predesigned templates, your identity is lost in the crowd. ThatΒ’s why we only provide design work that is unique and custom tailored for our clients.

When building your web presence, having a good design is never enough. No matter how good it looks, if it lacks functionality or worse has broken/non-working features, your visitors will hit the back button in droves. Same goes for a website that is not properly optimized and is too slow. It is like waiting in line at the store - too long and the customer just leaves.

We are professional coders that can solve any programming problem. So whether your issue is PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript or CSS based - we can solve it.

We build our websites with the business owner in mind. ThatΒ’s why every website we build is built on a CMS platform. CMS or Content Management System, is the software that controls all of the content of your website through a visual interface that allows users with no programming knowledge to update their website without constantly needing a programmer. If you know how to use Microsoft Word - you will feel right at home with a CMS platform.

Regardless of the type of technology assistance you need, quality programming will help you unleash your websites potential.

What good is a product that nobody knows about? If your audience cannot understand why they need your services or products they will never convert into paying customers and the only thing worse than that is not being able to find your web site at all. Not having a way to find your business eliminates any chances of you succeeding in the online marketplace. A lot of businesses out there miss this critical component, thinking that just having a website with their contact information will guarantee them an increase in revenue. That could not be further from the truth.

Our marketing strategy is usually 3 pronged and focuses on 3 main areas of Internet marketing - Search, Content and Social Media.

Search is critical in driving the customers to your website. Think about it - over 80% of all internet traffic is generated by search engines, and if you are not in the top spots for relevant search queries, you are losing money every day.
So what can be done? There are 2 ways to get more traffic from search engines Pay Per Click and the so-called "Organic Search".

Pay per click marketing is a great way to rise to the top instantaneously and is an important marketing component for any company that wants results fast.

Organic search is how the search engineΒ’s algorithm ranks your website against your competition. The two main factors that affect your website's position is its reputation and the quantity of quality content. At BelugaLabs, we utilize 100% "White Hat" or standards compliant search engine optimization techniques to boost your organic search result positions. The content we produce is 100% original, well researched and superbly written with your audience in mind.

Organic search sounds complicated, but why do you need it? Simple - with organic search you create a long term strategy of keeping your website on top without paying for each visitor. Secondly, a large percentage of search users will never click on paid (PPC) search results.

What about social media? We specialize in creating well targeted marketing campaigns across all major social networking platforms. Our goal is to deliver new clients to your business using all available channels.

Our goal with any marketing project is to build the most cost effective campaign that will produce the highest results.

What can you expect when contacting us?
We will evaluate your specific business needs, and determine the best solution. With every project we take on, we build a relationship with the client. Trust, communication and your success are our top priorities.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
50% deposit is required after we are selected for the project. We guarantee the quality of our work so if you are not satisfied we will refund the deposit. We provide 2 months of free support after project completion.
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