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Benjamin Layer

Coding, thinking, dancing.
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My name is Benjamin Layer. I love words, sentences, books. In short: I love language. I consume it whenever I can and I decided to make the usage of language my profession. Not anymore in an academic way, but as a writer, author and copy editor.

The human capability to speak is one of the most fascinating things on earth. The anatomic, cognitive and neural factors that are involved are so complicated and intrigue, it is no exaggeration to say: It is the most complicated system, humans developed.

Programming was one of my passions since I was twelve and had access to a computer. I started with BASIC and made my way over Pascal and Java untill I finally kind of stuck with Python. While I learned basic PHP and HTML soon enough, it took me some time to make the step towards WebProgramming. But finally I worked myself into it and after several projects I'm now proficient with HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress and have skills in JavaScript, Ruby and Gimp-Design.
Service Description
1. Translation

2. Blogging

3. Copy Writing

4. Editing

5. Web Design

Secondly, I am a Web-Designer. I am proficient with HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Javascript and Ruby. In my portfolio is a link to the Blog I write and which I designed. It is created with Wordpress and the Theme is built from scratch. It launched some days ago and is still work in progress and many more features will be implemented in the next day.
For my clients I offer fast and good Web Design. While my focus is on Wordpress, I am also available for standalone pages.

My Services

All the services I offer will be done reliable and fast, with good support for the client and fast responses to questions, suggestions and other contact. The text I create is clear, elegant and nicely structured.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Department of Linguistics, University of Tuebingen
Master of Arts, General Linguistics
2011 - 2013
Department of Linguistics, Univeristy of Tuebingen
Bachelor of Arts, General Linguistics
2007 - 2011
Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Research Assistant
2012 - 2013
Did programming and paradigm design for experiments on Brain-Computer Interfaces.
Institute for speech processing, Uni. Stuttgart
Research Assistant
2010 - 2013
I was responsible for all programming tasks in this research group. Furthermore I did statistical analyses and designed experimental paradigms.
Center for data handling, University of Tuebingen
2010 - 2012
Designing scripts for lectures on computational issues, programming and design.
Payment Terms
None specified
Benjamin Layer | Elance

Benjamin Layer