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Justin J.

Database Expert
   United States
  |   Plasention, CA


Over 12 +years as Oracle Database Administrator
MS in Computer Science
Oracle Certified Professional Database Administration (OCP).
Service Description

• Over 12 +years as Oracle Database Administrator (Proficient in Oracle Database Administration Activities) like day-to-day support, database design database administration and building large OLTP/OLAP databases on a variety of UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003 with Oracle (7.x, 8.0.5, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), Developer 2000/6i, SQL net, SQL*Plus, Pro*C etc.
• Installed, configured and maintained enterprise environments with 24X7 production databases.
• Support performance testing, identify tuning and design changes to gain performance with AWR/Statspack. Engineering Large Scale Database Design and Tuning. Involved in optimizing SQL queries. Monitoring and optimizing the Performance of the database, Change Management, capacity planning, and SQL tuning.
• Involved in capacity planning, developed strategies and maintenance plans and implemented the same for monitoring, security & disaster recovery, load balancing and replication.
• Oracle RAC and ASM expert. Experience in planning, designing, developing, deploying, maintenance and supporting RAC on Linux (RHEL), Sun Solaris & Windows NT servers for high availability (HA). Patching/upgrading RAC Nodes with 10g/11g Oracle Versions.
• Hands on Oracle Data Guard (9i/10g) both logical & Physical Standby experience on Unix & Windows NT servers.
• Expertise in 10g Grid Control. Installing / implementing OEM 10g Grid Control Management Server and Agent with 10g Repositories to manage 600+ targets( Database include primary and stand-by databases , Grid Control Agents, Server , 9i/10g application server components on more then 100+ server )
• Experience with database backup, restore, and disaster recovery procedures. Hands on experience of database backups and Recovery strategies using RMAN (9i/10g), 10g Data pump (expdp, impdp) Export/Import and Transportable Tablespaces.
• Used Oracle 10g streams for Data replication, Data warehouse loading, Event notification as well as business event management.
• Experience with GoldenGate Bi-directional Replication and indepth-knowledge of Golden gate and Streams Based replication.
• Worked on EMC Symetrix DMX, EMC CLARiiON NAS devices, Hitachi, IBM, DMX SAN storage devices.
• Expertise in Implementation of Fine Grain Access Control (FGAC).
• Monitor and manage Oracle database Security by implementing SOX Policies through Cronjob and OEM Grid Control.
• Extensive experience in Data warehouse environments with Star Schema and SnowFlake Architecture.
• Extensive experience with Oracle Database Migration/Upgrade.
• Expertise in VPD & TDE. Expertise in OID, Oracle Audit Vault.
•Expertise in Installation & configuration of 9iAS/10gAS for Single sign on (SSO).
• Strong Knowledge on 11g & 10g Release and New Features.
• Strong experience with Database Modeling, Data Analysis and Conceptual, Logical and Physical modeling for Online Transactional processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems.
• Knowledgeable of Web applications that includes Installation/Maintenance of 10gAS, IBM websphere, & supporting portal development teams.
• Expertise in Environment using Oracle Veritas HA Cluster and Cluster automatic failover configurations.
• Expertise in Creating/troubleshooting/monitoring script, creation of log files, packages & development of scripts for SQL*Loader, Export, Import, PL/SQL, Involved in optimizing SQL queries.Monitoring and optimizing the Performance of the database using AWR/ADDM tools, Statspack & tkprof .Strong experience in tuning database performance from system as well as query tuning perspective.
• Eperience in Install/Setup MySQL 5 on RHEL Servers for comerical web based applications.
• Expertise in Entity/Relation Data Modeling using ER-Win and Designer. Used and supported Informatica for ETL Transformations, Discoverer for adhoc query, Crystal Reports for reporting.
• Working experience with Very-Large databases (VLDB) up to 20 terabytes, data migration, against Oracle & other databases such as MS Access, SQL Server.
Lincoln Financials, North Carolina
Senior Oracle DBA
2011 - 2012
American Airlines, Texas
Senior Oracle DBA
2011 - 2011
Qualcomm Incorporated, California
Senior Oracle DBA
2008 - 2011
Stater Brothers, California
Senior Oracle DBA
2007 - 2008
Honeywell International, Arizona
Senior Oracle DBA
2000 - 2007
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Justin J. | Elance

Justin J.