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About the Company

BizBees mission is to all the time offer quick and easy to use application to help our customers to achieve maximum operational effectiveness. And Build highly empowering IT solutions, ensuring maximum return of investments to our clients.
Service Description
BBT- Biz Bees technologies is a small business entity which renders world class offshore software development services. BBT has been providing offshore software development services to customers in USA, Canada and Europe since 2003. In addition to our technical skills, we pride ourselves on our Project Management and English communication skills. Being a small company, we pay personal attention to each customer. Our customers are mostly located in USA, Canada, with some in Europe and Australia. More information about the company and projects we have completed is available on our website at.

Project Management Model:
We realize that most projects, even seemingly complex ones, are based upon technologies that are quite mature and readily available. Therefore, success of a project is very rarely a matter of having the necessary technical expertise; rather, it is a matter of having the necessary project management skills. These skills guarantee success through detailed specifications and a time schedule that is attainable. For every project we follow the following model:

Projects that have a short development life cycle (less than 6 months), and for which formal specifications are not available in minute detail, lend themselves to development via prototyping. In this method, the customer remains a key player in the design, reviews and alpha testing. Based upon the understanding received by our programmers, we create a non-functional prototype. This prototype includes all the external features of the software or website, and for all appearances, it looks like the real thing. It’s called non-functional because there is no “programming code” behind it and the features do not really work. It takes several reviews by the customer and modifications by our programmers before the prototype if finally approved. Then, the programmers start building the back end software (and that is the easy part for us!). The functional prototype also goes through a few revisions, and with each revision, the number of features that actually work increases, resulting in the final product. The best thing in all this is no surprises!

We rent out TYPICAL PROJECT TEAMS on Hourly/Monthly basis (Hourly $15/hr, Monthly $10/hr at a fix cost US$1600/month

^ Individual (one person)
^ Mini Team (2 persons)
^ Small Team (3 persons)
^ Medium Team (9 persons)
^ Large Team (18 persons)

Operating Systems: Windows (all, including CE and Palm OS) and Linux/Unix
Programming Languages: VB, C/C++/VC/VC++/C#, Java and .net
Scripting Languages: ASP/JSP, HTML/DHTML, XML, XSL, Javascript, PHP, Perl
Databases: MS-SQL, MS-Access, mySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase

Other Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio(.Net), JBuilder
Macromedia Flash AS 2.0 & AS 3.0
Adobe Photoshop
MX Dreamweaver

Crystal Reports, Active Reports

We do offer fixed project cost and happy to manage project on fix cost basis subject to client's preference/satisfaction
Pakistan Software Export Board
Awarded: 2010
Hamdard Univeristy Karachi
Master of Computer Science
2000 - 2002
International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)
Master of Business Administration (Information Technology Management)
1998 - 2000
Biz Bees Technologies
2008 - Present
Biz Bees Technologies was established back in 2003 to render off-shore software development/programming services to customers worldwide.
ISF - Islamabad Software Factory
Business Development Manager
2003 - 2008
working as head of Business Development department at ISF.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
^ 35% at award of contract
^ 35% midway in development
^ 30% on delivery of final product
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