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Asher Z. (Expert Mobile & Web Apps)

iOS, Android, Google Glass, PHP, .NET, E-commerce
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About the Company

7500+ hours with 8+ years of experience in system analysis and software development. Expert in iOS, Android, web & software development.

Ability to visualize the complete solution from idea to reality delivered with quality. Proven track record of mobile & web development, web services, aesthetic designs and robust logic-base to run highly sophisticated solutions.

Over the last 8 years, analyzed & developed 100+ diverse kinds of hi-tech mobile iOS/Android/Windows/BB apps including games both in native and cross platform mainly using Unity, Cocos, Phonegap etc.

Delivered 250+ web apps and web sites, e-commerce stores using Amazon, Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, open source and custom PHP & .NET technologies.

Assisted 450+ clients with custom solutions using PHP, Symphony, Zend, .NET platform, SharePoint endeavors and custom business intelligence solutions.

A passionate tech engineer who love to craft convenience, an enthusiast to create a link between humans & machine.
Service Description
Working with a static objective to provide dependable solutions with convincing quality.

With strong belief in agile methodologies, a multi-talent team of diversified professional experience of over 8 years in the field of information technology and information architectecture is ready to work for you.

Here is our pitch where we are used to play:

1) Programming Languages & Platforms

- iOS 5, 6, 7, 8/ iOS SDK
- iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets
- Android SDK
- Titanium, Phonegap/Cordova for cross platform
- Objective C, JAVA, C#, .NET Technologies
- Google Maps API
- HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Node JS, Backbone JS
- Cocos 2D, Cocos 3D
- Unity 2D, Unity 3D
- PHP5, Zend, Symphony
- Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla
- Web Services, Amazon AWS, S3, EC2, REST API, JSON, XML AJAX
- Facebook, Twitter, Google+
- Web Service, Ajax, XML, JSON, RSS, SOAP, WSDL, RESTful API

2) Game Development

- Unity 2D, Unity 3D, Cocos2D, Cocos3D, Corona, OpenGL, Box2D
- Storyboard, Push Notifications, MultiplayerBox2D, Chipmunk

3) E-commerce Development

- Volusion Store
- Volusion template designing
- Magento, BigCommerce, OSCommerce, Shopify, Amazon Store
- E-commerce Store Migration, E-commerce Data Entry

4) Graphics Designing

- Logo Design, Theme Design, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla
- Web Design, Template Design
- UI / UX Development

5) Software Testing & QA

- Selenium, HP Unified Functional Testing [QTP]
- Selendroid, Robotium
- Sikuli, MonkeyTalk, HP LoadRunner
- Apache Jmeter
- Integration Testing, System Testing or End-to-End Testing, Acceptance Testing
- Installation Testing, Alpha-Beta Testing, Functional Testing
- Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing
- Usability Testing, Security Testing, Release Testing

WE ARE TIME CONSCIOUS, we know the value of time and commitments.

We assure great support afterwards, all within a reasonable price. We enjoy strong recommendations by all our employers.
Hamdard University
Masters in Computer Science
2000 - 2002
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
None specified
Andrew Royappa
SpiralFX Interactive, LLC, Managing Director
PHP support and development programming on Cobra and PP projects.
Natalie Sousa
Webster Hill Photography Agency, Co-Owner
PROJECT 1 - Update website based on an existing design and include a fully functioning database to help maintain an effective work flow and communicate with clients easily. PROJECT 2 Create an e-commerce site based on an existing designed including a fully functioning database created for multiple users and their clients. The database allows full customization of forms, user control panels, active contact forms, inquiry management tools and more.
Zak Wirima, Presedent
Asher Z. (Expert Mobile & Web Apps) | Elance

Asher Z. (Expert Mobile & Web Apps)