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Blue Otter Design and Development

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About the Company

With Blue Otter Design and Development you will get an excellent product backed by the service and responsiveness that you would expect from a US company. We specialize in web languages, design, CMS's (top 1% tested WordPress on Elance) and SEO (top 1% tested SEO on Elance). Come see why we average 4.9 star reviews and are in the top 1% of Elance.

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At Blue Otter Design and Development we put our money on the line with a risk free first draft and an on-time delivery guarantee. No other contractor gives you the option to keep a posting open after selecting them like we do. You can use this feature to select us and view our free first drafts and still select a new contractor just in case you don't like ours, it's completely risk free.

Service Description
We specialize in professional Website Development/Design, E-Commerce, Logo Design, Corporate Branding, Newsletters, Landing Pages, Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, Trade Show Graphics, Website Headers, etc.
- 100% ORIGINAL.
- CUSTOMIZED to meet your unique needs & style.
- No Clip art or Ready made Template!
- Competitive Price!
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
- Customer focus & Teamwork.
- Fast Turnaround!
- Confidentiality & Reliability!

- Web Design/Development
- High-level Programming
- Logo & Corporate Identity
- Banners, Newsletters and Trade Show Graphics
- Postcards, Brochures, Flyers, and Business Cards
- Photo Editing & Retouching
Expert Rating
Search Engine Optimization Certification
Awarded: 2013
Virginia State Bar
Associate Member
Awarded: 2004
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
First Draft, Escrow, and On Time Guarantee.

For the majority of our projects we will offer the first draft or homepage mock up free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the draft / mock up and feel that we do not possess the skills to improve on the draft, we can cancel the project and you do not owe us anything.

Once the first draft, or revisions to the first draft, have been approved we ask that escrow is funded for fixed price projects. We ask for the following minimum funding of escrow for fixed price projects:*

Under $500 - entire project amount placed in escrow
$501-$1000$** - $600 placed in escrow
$1001-$1500** - $700 placed in escrow
$1501-$2000** - $800 placed in escrow
$2000+** - we will discuss the escrow terms and milestones

*escrow terms are changeable / negotiable to meet the individual needs of each project
** these projects may also require payments based on project milestones

Once a first draft has been approved and the appropriate amount of the project placed in escrow, we will begin to work on the project. The moment that approval and funding have occurred, which ever occurs later, our On Time Guarantee begins. The Elance terms and conditions will have to be modified to reflect the guaranteed delivery date based on the date that the draft, including all revisions to the draft, was approved and the project funds placed in escrow.

Should a project run over the guaranteed delivery date, we will reduce the overall project fee by 5% for every day that we are over. The Elance payment terms will be edited to reflect the change in contract price. Clearly, we are relying on the good faith of the client to promptly respond to requests to review updates to their projects and provide timely feedback. If necessary, the date given for the On Time Guarantee will be moved back to account for late responses from the client.

If you have any questions or concerns about our first draft, escrow, or On Time Guarantee polices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blue Otter Design and Development | Elance

Blue Otter Design and Development