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Trikut Info Services

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  |   Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

About the Company

We employ a team of over 30 dedicated and professional experts in various disciplines, enabling us to provide our clients with a plethora of services ranging from e-Pub conversion and data mining to form processing, transcription services and software development.
Service Description

Trikut Info Service offers an efficient, affordable and cost-effective epub conversion solution.

E-Pub conversion is a globally accepted E-Book format with the created E-Book reading features in iphone & many other electronic reading devices; epub has been accepted worldwide as the most popular ebook format in the electronic publishing world.

Our mission is to provide quality service for which we highly recommend manual conversions over automated conversions, because manual conversion provides high quality and exact output whereas we cannot expect such a good quality from automated conversions.

Therefore we assure 100% quality utilising manual conversions rather than automation.

Our Pdf to epub conversion team are experts in hand coding techniques that are compatible to all digital devices. We have the capacity to manage your complex data entry and data conversion projects.


Trikut provides a resolution to the repetitive detonation of data transformation in various industries. Our Data mining team adopts various technical methods to acquire updated, first hand information directly through reliable sources for better data collection and management.

Data mining is a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses. Data mining tools predict future trends and behavior, allowing businesses to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions.

Thus, the Data Mining and Data Entry services that Trikut provides has brought about changes in the industry resulting in..

Increase in Company’s productivity.
Marketing And Finance
Data Mining and Data Extracting
Market Tracking
Market monitoring
Competitor Tracking
Web Research and other vital areas


We have access to a large team of skilled individuals to undertake development projects on all popular platforms. We pride ourselves on adhering to specifications and meeting deadlines.
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Trikut Info Services