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Nick Bosch

Top 10% in 6 Marketing Categories
   United States
  |   New York, NY
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Many marketers are specialists. They focus, and many times dominate, an individual medium. Sometimes that is Adwords but it could be email, social, print, television, radio, direct mail, etc. They are specialists and they do very well.

What I bring to the table is specialization with a foundation. I am the first & only marketer on Elance to score in the top 10% in 6+ areas.

I'm a marketer that happens to specialize in search engine marketing, which means I can take the lessons learned from a search engine marketing campaign and grow that into an email campaign, a direct mail campaign, a social ad campaign, even print and television. Many specialists can bring, well, their specialty.

Choose specialization with a foundation.

Formally, I hold a BBA in Marketing Management from Pace University in NYC. I've worked with 100s of clients over the past several years and managed 1000s of ad campaigns.

Reach out to me for a private project and I'll knock 25% off my typical fees.
Service Description
Clients that I work with receive a big vision right off the bat. My goal isn't to just run a successful campaign for you but to grow with your business. I want to read the data of our ad campaign and help you create new marketing offers for different mediums. That way, as the number of services I provide to your business grows, so does your business.

This is exactly what I mean when I say specialization with a foundation. We will begin with a small campaign and once it is successful duplicate it in as many places as possible to maximize your business's revenue, profit, and market share.


> Work with me directly.
> Choice of phone, email, or Elance for direct contact.
> Highly available, always stick to my meetings.
> Thorough analysis, explanations, and recommendations.

Reach out to me for a private project and I'll knock 25% off my typical fees.
Pace University
Marketing Management, BBA
- 2011
Yodle Inc.
Search Engine Marketing Consultant
2011 - 2012
Yodle Inc. is in Inc. Magazine's Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. and they've achieved that unprecedented growth managing the SEM and SEO campaigns of thousands of businesses. I managed the SEO and PPC campaigns of over 500 clients while there, which included managing their campaigns on both the Adwords network along with the Bing network (which includes Yahoo), managing their SEO campaigns, and optimizing their landing pages for conversion. I never like to speak poorly about anyone and so I will say as nicely as possible that Yodle does many things correct but they also do a number of things wrong when managing campaigns that could be greatly improved. I know both what works and what doesn't because of my experience there and can now provide that to my clients.
Payment Terms
Services are delivered monthly. It is requested that you pay 100% when beginning that month's services and the following month's payment will be 30 days from that first payment. In difficult circumstances I will extend the offer of bimonthly payments, one payment every 14 days. If you have questions please contact me directly.
Michelle Brighton
Waddell and Reed, Financial Advisor
Developed an email marketing strategy and campaign in conjunction with the Michelle's goals. The email capture device was placed onto Michelle's company blog and she directed her clients to the list. The list was used for a newsletter format but as a result created a referral system that led to future business.
Nick Bosch | Elance

Nick Bosch