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Bradley Ramsey

The imagination is the ultimate tool for creation.
   United States
  |   Casselberry, FL


I have always had an active imagination, with the ability to craft characters and worlds all within the construct of my mind. I currently work as a full time freelance writer, chasing my dream of honing my craft and bringing my stories to the world. I hope to use my talent for writing to create epic stories of all different types, to enrich, inform, and excite my readers!

I obtained an A.A degree from Valencia before transferring to the University of Central Florida. I graduated from there with my Bachelor's degree in English.

I am able to do writing of all types, from fiction to non-fiction, writing short stories, novels, or even just blog posts. I even play my fair share of video games, so in depth reviews are a specialty as well! I am always punctual with dead lines, and I will always provide high quality work.
Service Description
I am able to write for a number of different scenarios and formats. I primarily write fiction, in both short story and novel formats. I have experience writing science fiction, high fantasy, and even romance.

I also have extensive experience in the Video Game Industry from my previous job with GameStop and my personal time playing games for both consoles and PC. This allows me to provide in depth reviews of almost any platform of games, consoles, or accessories.

In addition to these things, I can also write for blog posts, magazine articles, and professional publications.

I also have experience writing screenplays for both personal, and class use.

My experience primarily comes from personal writing and self publishing of my works through Amazon's Kindle downloads. I have also taken extensive classes in creative writing, screenwriting, and magazine writing. I believe that this experience has molded me into an excellent writer who is able to craft a number of different types of works without sacrificing quality in any of the fields.

I put all of my effort into everything I do, and I believe this stands out in my work, and shows a quality of emotion and effort that many writers fail to achieve. I appreciate your time, and I will always provide my best work within any established deadlines.
Valencia Community College
Associate Arts Degree
University of Central Florida
Bachelor's Degree - English
- 2013
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Bradley Ramsey | Elance

Bradley Ramsey