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Last Sign-in: Feb 5, 2016

Bruno Cardoso

Senior software developer
  |   Porto, Porto
  |  12:00 pm Local Time


Looking for expertise in programming, web development, or desktop development? Highly rated and experienced Technology Solutions Provider ready to apply the latest skills to satisfy your most challenging project requirements. Offer track record of consistent success serving the needs of worldwide clients spanning multiple industries.

Interested? Please contact me and I would be happy to discuss your specific needs and present strategies to resolve unique and complex issues.

Background Highlights:

? Knowledge of server side and client side languages
? Balanced understanding of programming and logic concepts
? Quickly acclimate to new technology stacks
? Effective communicator with multi-lingual skills: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (native language)
Service Description
Key Skills:

? Web Development
- Server-side: C#, PHP, Node.Js, MySQL
- Client-side: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5
- Frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, CodeIgniter,, Wordpress, Xenforo
- Technologies: WebRTC, Canvas, WebSockets\
? Browser extension \ toolbar
? Desktop Languages (C#, C, C++, ASM)
? Electronics (ATMEGA, PIC, ARM)
? FreeBSD Development
? Linux Development
? Windows Development
? Usermode
? Kernelmode
? System security
Payment Terms
None specified
Bruno Cardoso | Elance

Bruno Cardoso