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Giovanna B.

Certified & mother tongue Italian translation
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Multilingual technical translator for complex, international bids for the multinationals Telefonica and Dragados.

English teacher for Telefonica, Alcatel, Volvo, Generali and Merlin-Gerin in Madrid.

Bachelor (Australia) and Master (France) degrees, and postgraduate research with an EU Marie Curie research scholarship.
Service Description

My mother tongues are English and Italian. I offer professional translations from English to Italian and from Italian to English. The commonly held view is that a translator, as a minimum, must be mother tongue in the language into which translations are made. In my view, a translator really should be bilingual in order to achieve an excellent result in translation. Why settle for second-best, or worse, when you can hire a native, bilingual translator? Unfortunately clients often realize a translation is of poor quality only when it's too late (if at all), and when they do are obliged to hire a second translator for corrections or to perform the translation a second time, at additional cost.

When hiring a translator, you should ask yourself
"Is this provider mother-tongue in the target language?"
(or preferably in both languages)
"Does the provider have professional experience as a translator?"
(e.g. a certified translator, with verified experience)
"Has the provider taken formal language studies (at any level even!) in the target language?"
If the answer is "No" to all three questions, it's very likely that you're being taken for a ride.

I have worked as a professional English teacher at Telefonica, Alcatel, Volvo, Generali and Merlin-Gerin, and have translated for complex international tenders for the Spanish multinationals Telefonica (Spanish-English) and Dragados (English-Spanish-Italian).

I am also fluent in French and Spanish, have studied both at University and researcher level, and have lived and worked in Madrid, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Cannes.

The Flinders University of South Australia
Bachleor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1992 - 1995
English teacher and English-Spanish-Italian technical translator
1996 - 1996
English teacher at Alcatel and Merlin-Gerin in Madrid. Multilingual technical translator for two international bids by Telefonica and Dragados (English-Spanish-Italian).
English Experience
English teacher
1996 - 1996
English teacher at Telefonica, Generali, Volvo and Merlin-Gerin.
Payment Terms
None specified
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Giovanna B. | Elance

Giovanna B.