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About the Company

Development and customization of high-level financial analysis and business intelligence applications, specializing in Excel integrated reporting with R programming and database driven solutions.

Background and expertise includes corporate finance, analytical model building, data science, predictive analytics, financial reporting and statistical analysis for businesses.

Solutions are developed as generic as possible with the flexibility to be applied to future and alternative scenarios and robustness to accommodate flexible input assumptions and produce accurate results.

An extensive set of generic technological solutions can be drawn on for customization to meet specific requirements; thereby reducing development costs and time to deliver tailor made solutions.

Originally from New Zealand and based in France, languages spoken are English (native) and French.
Service Description
Business Spreadsheets develops and provides automated solutions for a wide range of analytic requirements including:
- Financial analysis and reporting.
- Data management and analysis.
- Portfolio management, tracking and reporting.
- Data science, statistics and time series analysis.
- Predictive analytics and mathematical algorithms.

While focus is made on Excel as a front end interface, technologies employed include relational database design and integration, VBA, R programming and other programming environments required for optimal results.

Where possible, we draw on a code base of generic solution components in to create customized solutions that are simple to use, low cost and portable between operating environments.

Business Spreadsheets strives to provide powerful and robust solutions dedicated to specific business disciplines that facilitate growth and efficiency realization for businesses.

Extensive experience includes national and international corporations and organizations implementing analytical and technical solutions in domains of security trading, investment banking, retail banking, telecommunications, postal services and international statistics.
Securites and Exchanges Commission
SEC (US) Series 17 Examination
Awarded: 1995
Securities and Futures Authority Ltd
SFA (UK) Registered Persons Examination
Awarded: 1994
The Securities and Exchanges Commission
SEC Series 17 Registered US
Awarded: 1995
The Securities and Futures Authority Ltd
SFA Registered UK
Awarded: 1994
Victoria University
Bachelor of Commerce and Administration
1990 - 1992
Business Spreadsheets
2010 - Present
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