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Christopher Creswick

SEO Expert - Wordpress Specialist - PHP Expert
   United Kingdom
  |   Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  |  10:37 pm Local Time


PHP - JavaScript - SEO - CMS - SEM Specialist based in the UK. With almost 7 years commercial experience I have worked with almost every PHP based system and have worked in several markets for SEO. I am not an agency, I am not a team of 25 developers, I am not a designer and I am most certainly not a pre-written template sent out to every job brief!

What I am is a genuine 'self made' professional with the ability and insight to see any project I take on through to fruition. I have the ability to examine every aspect of a job in one viewing and every suggestion I make is inline with thelatest and best standards of coding or optimisation when referring to search engines.

I wont give you an arbitrary number on a deadline and and I wont babble on about technical mumbo jumbo, if everyone understood it they wouldnt need the work doing right?

What you will get is an honest assessment of your project and the most accurate quote possible from a professional.
Service Description
If I bid on your project I am more than qualified to work on it!
Founder - Operator
2009 - Present
Payment Terms
I offer a prompt and professional service so I expect a prompt and professional approach to payment, fair right???
Dominic Wake
Expert Training Systems Plc, Managing Director
This project was to take several high competition keywords and raise their rank within This was a 4 month project and we achieved top 3 positions for the majority of the keywords.
Christopher Creswick | Elance

Christopher Creswick