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11:11 Productions

Films - Commercials - Post-Production - Animation
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About the Company


11Eleven Productions is a dynamic and young audio-visual production house with more than 10 years of experience in films, TV, video production, post-production, audio production and animation.

We are different from the rest of the other agencies, we create a unique experience out of every project, we love art and try to make a master piece of each one of our jobs.
Service Description
What do we offer?

1. Quality
Is not only a commitment to our clients, but to ourselves. Here at 11:11 we are bound at delivering only high quality and professional work.

2. Value
Is important to you as it is to us. Forget about paying ridiculous quantities of money for fairly o.k. jobs. We believe in charging what is fair and making each of our projects a unique experience!

3. Expertise
Our highly experienced team members with a multicultural background as well as their provenience from different medias (including cinema, TV, press and radio) makes us a flexible and highly qualified brand.

4. Understanding
The new medias today is a MUST for gaining maximum visibility and 11:11 knows it: we are specialized in offering you and your product professionally crafted campaigns for your online advertising!

5. Location, location and location(s)…
Based in the beautiful and artistic city of Paris, we’re able to offer astounding locations in one of the most vibrant places on earth! But there’s more… our connected offices in Mexico City and Bologna, Italy are here to offer our clients maximum flexibility.

6. Innovation and creativity are our banner.
We make sure to have unique projects that ressemble the young and fresh spirit of our team and Company.
Università di Bologna
Arts, music and film studies
2007 - 2011
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11:11 Productions | Elance

11:11 Productions