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About the Company

What I Do: Realistic creation and hands-on implementation of strategic and tactical action plans for start up and emerging companies.

To date, Ceo Resource LLC, has already helped over TWO THOUSAND diverse start up and emerging companies and their CEOs in 49 of the 50 states in more than 42 countries with their business planning, strategy and tactics, action planning, problem solving, fundraising and plan implementation.

I'm also an author with 5 bestseller books on Amazon - 4 of them are #1 bestsellers.

Key services I provide include:

::: Virtual COO (VCOO) and Virtual Executive Services
::: Strategic and Tactical Planning For Start Up Companies
::: Fundraising Service For Finding Angel Investor Capital
::: Business Plans, Planning and Realistic Implementation
::: Real Estate Consulting Services
::: Hourly and Project Based Consulting
::: Other Services For Start Up Companies

How can I best help you with YOUR start up or emerging company's success?
Service Description
What kind of expertise and experience could MOST help you and your company, right now, to get past the major impediments blocking your path and help you to genuinely accelerate the successful implementation of your vision?

I'm Robert Lee Goodman, Ceo and Chief ImpleMentor at Ceo Resource LLC, and I might be able to help.

For the past 17 years, I have focused solely on helping start up and emerging companies with their business planning, fundraising, implementation and mentoring of the CEO and other senior executives.

During that time, my clients have directly benefited from my personal experience gained from:

* Three decades of personal hands-on experience conceiving, forming, founding, funding and building nearly 4 dozen corporations, joint ventures and partnerships
* Raising $25 million from investors and VC for my own deals
* Taking my software company public
* Buying over $100 million of income property and operating over 45,000 rental units.
* Directly helping CEOs, on a one-on-one basis, at over TWO THOUSAND diverse companies in 49 of the 50 states and in over 44 countries on six out of seven continents.

If your company could benefit from a resource with this kind of experience, I invite you to take a look at my services and at some of the free tools and sample documents I offer at my web site.

Here are some topics and links at my site that you might find interesting:

Free Stuff - Click this link to download any or all of the following:

* A sample business plan
* A sample private placement memorandum for investors
* A sample real estate investment analysis
* A workbook to predict your life in five years
* A mind map that plots out the realistic steps to starting a company.

These are all free with zero obligation in the hope that they help accelerate implementation of your vision.

Here are some of my services:

::::: Business Plan Financials Service- Includes up to five years of detailed financial projections with tables and charts in both Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheet formats. Projections include: Start up capital requirements, revenue forecasts, profit and loss, break-even analysis, cash flow, balance sheet, ratio analysis and future valuation analysis. The Business Plan Financial Service also includes up to two hours of telephone and email Kick Start Plan Consulting on your business model, operations, implementation and funding goals and working with you to enhance your answers to the 150 questions in the Business Plan Planning Worksheet.

::::: Concise Business Plan- I will work with you and your answers to my Business Plan Planning Worksheet, combine it with your answers to my Financial Assumptions Worksheet and current business model, existing research, narrative and information to produce a three to five page executive summary. This executive summary will be combined with the same financial projections generated by the Business Plan Financial Service to produce a Concise Business Plan for your company. The Concise Plan also includes up to two hours of telephone and email Kick Start Plan Consulting on your business model, operations, implementation and funding goals and working with you to enhance your answers to the 150 questions in the Business Plan Planning Worksheet. The Concise Plan is recommended for clients who wish a simplified narrative for internal use or for pursing simplified bank debt financing or investor taste tests. Note that the narrative for the Concise Business Plan typically includes only an executive summary and narrative lead-in and discussion of the underlying assumptions for each section of the financial projections.

::::: Comprehensive Business Plan- The Comprehensive Plan includes all the Concise Plan information plus a PowerPoint presentation along with greater in-depth narrative, fundraising tactics and strategy. As with the Concise Plan, the Comprehensive Plan also includes up to two hours of telephone and email Kick Start Plan Consulting on your business model, operations, implementation and funding goals and working with you to enhance your answers to the 150 questions in the Business Plan Planning Worksheet. The Comprehensive Plan is recommended for clients who intend to pursue equity investment or more complex bank debt financing.

::::: Deviled Details- See how well you have already defined your own strategy and tactics for your start up or emerging company. Do you know what your W Cubed is for every major and semi-major milestone for the next 12 months? Find out if my Deviled Details Service can help you more fully define your critical strategy and tactics - and help you avoid the potentially lethal mistakes that kill so many start up and emerging companies.

::::: Kick Start Plan - Do you already know the answers to 60+ questions about your start up or emerging company? If not, you are probably not ready to even start a business plan. Kick Start Plan is a very fast, cost-effective way to get the answers you need and destroy the road blocks that are keeping you from your Point B.

::::: Real Estate ImpleMentor Service - Need help with capitalizing on the current real estate market? Need help on finally implementing all the steps necessary to finally get rolling with your own real estate company? If so, find out if my Real Estate Implementation Service might be your very best next step.

::::: Funding Foreplay - Learn how to romance and seduce investors with the right dozen documents. Find out if this five hour audio course, with it dozen sample documents, might be your very best, and most cost-effective, starting point for preparing your business plan and offering documents to legally raise funds from angel investors. Available at Amazon.

::::: Finding Your Funding - Do you know what you need to know to legally raise investor capital for your company? Avoid jail time by watching this short video.

::::: Virtual-Exec Service - Need cost-effective, senior-level executive help with your start up or emerging company? Need a Virtual Chief Operating Officer to implement all those Deviled Details necessary to get to your Point B?

::::: Recent Clients - See the hundreds of industries I've helped with my consulting services in 49 of the 50 states, in over 40 countries and on 6 of the 7 continents. Find out if you are in the one state I am offering a major discount for my first client with headquarters in that state.

::::: Testimonials - Read the comments from several dozen past clients about how my services have helped them get much closer to their desired Point B.

::::: Profile - Find out if my background, credentials, expertise and experience is a good match for your current consulting needs.

::::: Blog - Check out my blog on start up and emerging companies.

My web site also includes fully transparent pricing of all of my services - so you can quickly and easily choose what is right for you and your company.

If you are faced with immediate needs or opportunities, I invite you to use the Contact Us tab to let me know how I can best help you and your start up and emerging company.

All the best,

Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor
Ceo Resource LLC


PS: I would give you the link to my web site with all of that information - but the rules of Elance prevent me from sharing that with you until you specifically write me back.

(Even though Google will give you lots of links in response to my name, my title and my company name, drop me a note telling me more about your vision and current needs. That way, I can give you a more personalized suggested course of action that might get you to your Point B faster.)
Pepperdine University
Master of Business Administration degree, Presidential & Key Executive Program
1976 - 1977
University of Tennessee
Post-graduate studies, Master of Science, Computer Science
1971 - 1972
University of Tennessee
Bachelor of Science degree, cum laude, Engineering Physics
1966 - 1971
Ceo Resource LLC / Goodman Group, Inc.
Founder, CEO and Chairman
1978 - Present
Goodman Group, Inc. is a 29 year-old company specializing in diversified investments, advisory services and management consulting. 1978 - Present. * Areas of investment for Goodman Group have included commercial real estate purchase, management and brokerage of apartments, office buildings, office-warehouse and self-storage facilities. Other areas of investment have included debt-instrument investment and collection; high technology; and securities and syndication -- with special emphasis and experience with start up organizations. * Areas of focus for Ceo Resource LLC include business planning & implementation; business plan packaging; venture capital and private placement funding; senior level analysis and problem solving; computer systems solution; real estate analysis and evaluation; investment analysis and due diligence -- with special emphasis on dragon slaying.
Good Financial Corp.
Founder, CEO and Chairman
1990 - 2002
Good Financial Corp., specializing in the analysis, investment, purchase and collection of loans acquired from the FICA, RTC, banks, savings & loans and other lenders. 1990 - Present.
Good Software Corp.
Founder, past CEO and Chairman
1982 - 1997
Good Software Corp., a publicly held company, that specialized in personal computer software for business applications, distributing its products through thousands of dealers nationwide. Mr. Goodman’s background in computer programming, systems project management and international computer system sales were gained from a variety of positions held at NASA, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Rockwell International. Mr. Goodman personally developed Good Software’s first commercially available product, Investor III for Real Estate Investment Analysis, which provided the economic and organizational foundation for the Company. 1982 - 1997.
Good Asset Management, Inc.
Founder, CEO and Chairman
1980 - 1994
Good Asset Management, Inc., which provided real estate investment, property management and brokerage of income properties for lenders, government agencies, partnerships, individual and institutional investors including the management and operation of more than 4,000,000 square feet and nearly 45,000 units of commercial and residential properties.1980 - 1994.
Goodman Securities, Inc
Founder, CEO and Chairman
1982 - 1989
Goodman Securities, Inc., a direct participation broker-dealer and member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) and the Securities Investor Protection Corp. 1982 - 1989.
Rockwell International
International Sales Manager, Computer Systems Division
1973 - 1977
Oak Ridge National Labs
Physicist, Systems Analyst
1971 - 1973
Designed and implemented a computer network for data collection for fusion research and experimentation. 1971 - 1973.
NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center
Physicist, Rocket Scientist
1968 - 1970
Performed research in superconductivity. 1968 - 1970.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
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:::::: Why Ceo Resource? ::::::

With three decades of direct, start up, CEO and COO experience, I've probably already successfully fought those same dragons that you and your company are facing today.

Having successfully raised over $25 million from investors and venture capitalists with business plans I have personally prepared, I know how to develop a presentation, including an Executive Summary and PowerPoint show, that distills the investment opportunity down to the "Six Moving Parts" so investors can identify and relate to your vision of the business.

Although many know how to write a business plan - very few have my quarter century of direct, hands-on CEO experience of actually conceptualizing, starting, staffing, funding and operating multiple, multi-industry companies - experiences that will directly benefit the quality and reality of your own business plan.

Many can generate boilerplate words for a plan - very few can produce an understandable, motivating, investor or lender-focused document that integrates over two decades of relevant experience that also synthesizes your plan into a real, living document that addresses and anticipates the realities of starting and growing a company.

Please see my Profile in my Elance Portfolio for more information on my relevant credentials, experience and expertise.


All business plan services require a payment of 100% of the agreed amount as a retainer prior to Ceo Resource commencing work. Turnaround time will depend on the scope of your specific project. All travel expenses are pre-paid directly by client prior to trip.

Ongoing ImpleMentor Management Consulting Service or Virtual Chief Operating Officer Service requires a fully executed written agreement between the parties accompanied by a retainer equal to two weeks estimated Standard Weekly Services prior to Ceo Resource commencing work.

All plans and planning services include up to three drafts of the financial projections and up to three draft reviews of any narrative. Additional revisions and drafts can be provided at my standard rate, with a one hour minimum. The final document will be delivered to client via email in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. All spreadsheets will be provided in Microsoft Excel format. Any and all updates and changes requested by client after delivery of final document will be billed at at my standard rates, with a one hour minimum.

All project and hourly rates are exclusive of travel and other out-of-pocket costs which will be charged and billed separately. All services, prices and terms are subject to availability and may change, without notice, at any time prior to and outside the terms of any binding, mutually executed agreement. Payment is required within 3 days of receipt of invoice. No refunds of any retainers or other amounts paid shall be made after payment has been made.

Any and all material, business plans, financial projections and consultation are presented for informational purposes and general business consultation and are not intended to be construed as legal or tax advice. Please consult your counsel or accountant for legal or tax advice.

Please see Terms Page at my web site, for details on all terms and conditions.
Dr. Ned Barowsky
Internet Community Concepts, CEO
“You are one of the best business persons I have come across in more than 23 years of starting and running my various businesses. The breadth and depth of your insights and acumen, your consistently cool and logical problem solving abilities, your quick and decisive "dragon slaying" and your management style - along with your honesty, integrity, outstanding charisma and leadership skills, have continually impressed me as you have used those talents to help ICC as our Virtual COO.” “Between your work on our business plan, establishing our web presence, bringing focus to our systems, procedures and management approach, dealing with securities law issues, handling operations, doing "whatever it took" to get the job done, and meeting every commitment - on time - that you ever made, it has been a real pleasure working with you.”
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