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Aadhya C.

CFD Modeling and Personnel Placement Services
   United States
  |   Houston, TX


Provide the employer with comprehensive modeling results at a fair price

We assist in job search and placements in the Houston area. With our contacts in the oil and gas, automotive and process industry, finding a job is a certainty. We not only assist the customer in job placement, we also assist in providing additional screening for the specific job profile.

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Service Description
Our CAD-Services provides quality CAD Design / Drafting and associated services to a clientele audience engaged in Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Process industries, health and construction/Architectural sectors. We are dedicated to provide comprehensive CAD/ CFD solutions with the best cost-effective match in any given engineering environment.

Our modeling and design services is the best choice for those who seek hi-quality, detailed, realistic 3D models of your mechanical product. We engage in drafting designs from existing 2D drawing / hand-drawn or photo images (reverse modeling). Our services convincingly covers all aspects of engineering requirements starting from project preparation documents (proposals), to conducting analysis, preparing final design and report submission process.

As a result, the clients can

* Engage in advanced product design owing to our efficient modeling process
* Engage in preliminary analysis and/or testing of product initial product designs subjected to realistic boundary conditions
* Help themselves in the revision costs and error minimization and avail superior product designs with quality aspects far exceeding their expectations
* Reduce materials wastage and costs associated with the complete design and testing approach

We have strong collaborations with several companies around the world to process and fulfill customer needs to the core !!

3D modeling

* Assembly, Drafting,Detailing, Rendering
* Access available to a wide range of commercial tools such as AutoCAD, ADT, MDT, Inventor, Pro-E WF, Solid Edge, Solid Works 2009/2010 , CATIA, I-deas, UniGraphics.

Grid Generation / Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and analysis using commercial codes (ANSYS FLUENT, FLOTRAN, ALGOR)

We have performed a wide variety of CFD modeling not limited to

* Incompressible / Compressible
* Single / Multiphase flows with/without phase change
* Laminar / Turbulent

Established clientele in the following service sectors: Oil/gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Mining, Biological, Process Industries
University of Kentucky
2002 - 2006
Design / Development Engineer
2007 - Present
Payment Terms
Service fee for each project is determined on a case-by-case basis. Normally, per project quotes are provided rather than rates per hour. However, if the client would like to process hourly rates, we are pleased to offer the same.
Aadhya C. | Elance

Aadhya C.