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Drawbridgebpo (formerly Chinatech)

Data entry, Internet research
  |   Shantou, Guangdong
  |  10:45 pm Local Time

About the Company

When you need a team, call Drawbridgebpo!

Drawbridgebpo has been offering data entry, internet research, ecommerce product updating, web content maintenance, video production and other related BPO services for over 5 years now. Our rates start at just $4.00 per hour and we always deliver great value to our clients.

Here are some of the advantages Drawbridgebpo can bring to your project.

-Owned and Managed by a Canadian expat
-follows Western Management systems
-uses project management software to organize projects
- all staff are fluent in English
-always available for communication
-highly reliable and diligent
-low rates, ($4.00 per hour)
-scalable, can supply between 1-50 work hrs. per day

If you have a project that you need completed in a prompt and professional manner please contact me to discuss how Drawbridgebpo can be of service.

Best Regards,
Lane Sefton
Service Description
Drawbridgebpo is located in Shantou, Guangdong province and is on the coast between Hong Kong and Taiwan. With a highly skilled staff of over 20 employees we specialize in data entry and business process outsourcing.

We strive to create long term relationships and customer satisfaction is paramount to achieving that goal. You will find we don't have large numbers of reviews but what we do have is very satisfied customers that continue to use us month after month. We will accept $50 projects but it is not our specialty.

Started by an expat from Canada, Chinatech uses and fully understands Western management systems. The added benefits of having a "westerner" in the office to deal with communications and other management issues has been one of the keys to our success in outsourcing.

All the members of our team have excellent English abilities and most studied English as their major while in University.

If your company is looking for a reliable and highly skilled company to help you with your outsourcing needs then please contact us today.

The Drawbridgebpo Team

If you require any of the following services you will find we are highly competent and eager to be of service.
- Online/Offline data entry
- Internet research
- Link building
- Web Data Harvesting
- Web Content Data Entry
- Online store management
- Joomla site updating
- E-mail Support
- Chinese translations
- Chinese internet research
- Customer support
-PDF creation and editing
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Standard Business Terms:
Standard payment terms are as follows:

Project value below US$500:
- 100% On project completion

Project value below US$1,000:
- funds deposited in escrow
- 100% On project completion

Project value above US$1,000:
- funds deposited in escrow
- 100% On project completion or invoiced for work done on the first of each month

For Ongoing Projects: invoices sent on the first of each month, payment due within 7 days.
Gail Anne Waid
Syndiom, Project Manager
"In 2008 when our company Syndiom required a fast cost effective solution to our business service needs, we did not even consider looking beyond the excellent resources that Chinatech could provide. Chinatech has been instrumental in the success of our latest project, Virtual Family Kingdom, and we do not hesitate to recommend Chinatech highly in every way."
Dan Katz
Artog.com.au, CEO
Artog first hired us to work on data inputting for their car insurance quote website. Our contract grew as we beat out other outsourcing firms and eventually Chinatech took over all outsourced research and data entry. At the peak of their website development Chinatech was supplying 2500 hours per month of varied services.
Sperrie Botterill
Dig4me.co.nz, CEO
Chinatech was hired to research and populate Dig4me's custom made CMS with information ranging from mortgage rates to cellular plans and electricy rates. This required indepth research to gather the numerous required details for creating comprehensive product comparisons.
Drawbridgebpo (formerly Chinatech) | Elance

Drawbridgebpo (formerly Chinatech)