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Chloe M.

Helping you to say it your way.
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Hi there, I'm Chloe, the leading lady behind Re:scrawl.

In work environments ranging from technical theatre departments to customer service in restaurants, one thing has leapt out at me; the need for written communication to be comprehensible and clear.

I have observed time and again the failure of my employees or colleagues to articulate clearly in contexts such as internal emails, company handbooks and indeed emails to customers. This has motivated me to provide a service from which all these things can benefit.

My previous briefs have ranged from expanding on a list of bullet points to honing down 'over-worded' and 'clunky' website content.
Service Description
I provide proof-reading, substantive editing, and textual tidying up services for content on wesites, price lists, flyers, menus, blogs, articles, About pages, CVs... pretty much anywhere.

Well-written english is a beautiful thing, it invokes confidence in customers and prospective empolyers. Words are the key to a world of opportunity, IF employed and manipulated correctly.

My approach is practical; I want to help you say what you want to say in a clear, articulate, well-worded manner without compromising on the message.
University of Glasgow
BA Joint Hons. Philosophy and English Literature
Payment Terms
Payment is negotiable depending on the length and nature of the work.

Singular pieces such as leaflets, web pages or short articles will be charged at an agreed fixed price.

More complex or ongoing items may need to be charged on an hourly basis, with a minimum charge of 1 hour's work.
Chloe M. | Elance

Chloe M.