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About the Company

Before you hire your next Freelancer, Contractor, Consultant, Marketer or Sales Representative, contact Chris & Ericka Frazier for a Free Consultation and Business Assessment. We developed a unique service with processes and tools to help managers, owners and entrepreneurs, accelerate their growth and increase their business revenue; using some of the most fundamental, practical and powerful strategies for Business Development today. Our tools, services and programs give you the power of clear vision, objective perspective, and control over your future like never before. Donít wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to do it for you only to find yourself back to square 1 a few weeks later. You will be surprised know how a small adjustment in your current business can double your production, growth and profits. We are here to help! Your success is just 1 click away. Invite us to bid tell us your situation and set up a free consultation. You will not be disappointed!
Service Description
We are a Business Development Team. We provide our clients with tailored Marketing, Sales, and Strategies using objective and proven business fundamentals. Our tools and processes help produce results and opportunities that convert into growth. We turn traditional marketing and sales problems into productive programs, solutions and successful systems. Generating consistent and measurable results every time.

To get started we schedule a Free No Obligation Consultation and Assessment to first understand what is currently happening with your marketing efforts, internal process, and how we can help. Then we tailor one of our budget friendly programs to assess and structure a solution that stops the problem and starts the production.

Our next step will be to schedule a demo and presentation of our process, client registration and case study orientation meeting. Followed by a detailed business interview, target market and prospect analysis, tracking and formula development, Outlines and procedure documents and a scheduled testing period leading to a complete report and detailed result recommendations.

Our fully transparent process reveals solutions while developing a tailored process tracked through Elance and Google documents.

Just a simple, intelligent, logical, methodical and fundamental procedure that develops programs and produces measurable results. Period.
Startup Recruiting Program Training
Awarded: 2012
City of Cathedral City
Management Consulting Business License
Awarded: 2013
Frazier Business Development
2010 - 2013
Creair Concierge Inc
2008 - 2013
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Elance Fixed Rate Escrow.

We offer a free no obligation consultation and demo so you can see our process before you invest. All prospective clients are invited to a demo and live sample of our process and programs.

Final program pricing provided AFTER consultation and customization of proposal.

Milestones and escrows will be set and confirmed after initial consultation and program demonstration.
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