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Christopher G.

CAD Designer & Expert Drafter
  |   Valenzuela, metro manila
  |  5:34 am Local Time

About the Company

Over the last 12 years, i work as Mechanical Engineer providing design and drafting solutions. The company i work before includes Automotive, Semiconductor, Electronics, Machine Automation and Construction industry. All of this company molded me to become a very dependable engineer. Using CAD software such as Solidworks, AutoCAD and PRO-Engineer, i was able to create design solutions on issues we encountered. This skills and work experience enables me to become a great and reliable CAD service provider

Notable skills : plastic mold design, jigs & fixtures design, tool & die design, paper to CAD conversion and 2D drawing detailing works using GD&T standards based on ASME Y14.5 Ė 994.
Service Description
1. Paper to CAD Conversion using Solidworks
2. Product design and development works.
3. Machine designing
4. Jigs & Fixtures design
5. Tool & Die design
6. Plastic Mold design
Board of Mechanical Engineers
Registered Mechanical Engineer
Awarded: 1998
University of the East
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
1993 - 1998
Emerson Network Power
Mechanical Design Engineer
2011 - 2011
1. Responsible for designing products and concepts under non-disclosure agreements for clients on cross-functional design teams which include Sr. Mechanical, Electrical, and PCB Designers. Responsibilities included plastics part design with 3D solid and surface models in Pro E Wildfire 5, concept development, product strategy, and presentation preparation. 2. Generate 3D model based on customer specification prior to approval. 3. Created assembly drawings, including bills of materials and detail drawings, for the design of plastic enclosure prior to project costing. 4. Evaluated and adjusted new designs and detail drawings to ensure practical completion while adhering to customer standards for usage and bottom line expenditure. 5. Utilized PRO E Wildfire 5, AutoCAD version 2008, CorelDraw and PDM link database. 6. Conduct failure analysis for product issues and recommend solution to meet customerís requirements.
Multirich Foods Corporation
Project Engineer
2010 - 2010
1. Develop detailed design drawings and specifications for mechanical equipment, dies/tools, and controls, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment, Solidworks and AutoCAD in particular. 2. Able to handle large project machine assembly of more than 10,000 parts. Generate 3D parametric parts and 2D detailed drawing for fabrication references. 3. Coordinate with and consult other workers to design, lay out, or detail components and systems and to resolve design or other problems. 4. Review and analyze specifications, sketches, drawings, ideas, and related data to assess factors affecting machine designs and the procedures and instructions to be followed. 5. Supervise companyís machine installation such as conveyors, packaging machine and other machines use in production.
Nikon Home Appliances
Product Development & Design Engineer
2009 - 2010
1. Create 3D drawing/2D detailed drawing for new product innovation using AutoCAD 2000 and SOLIDWORKS cad software. 2. Modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies or to reduce production problems. 3. Provides the effort in setting the standard times and determining the cost in producing the new product design. 4. Provides the standardization of product parts as possible to help initiate and apply cost reduction measures in production. 5. Ensures that there is proper documentation ready to support every new product design being made. 6. Evaluates constantly the products from the competitors in the trade to monitor new developments and also determine new cost reduction measures that can be reduced from competitorís product parts.
Bitmicro Networks International
Senior Engineer I
2008 - 2009
Design conceptualization of E-Disk casing, jigs, fixtures and enclosures. Generate 3D parametric drawing and 2D detailed drawings for E-disk casing, jigs and fixtures using SOLIWORKS. Coordinates parts fabrication with vendor and provide on-site support if necessary. Create procedures and guidelines for proper usage of E-disk casing, jigs, fixtures and enclosures. Conduct and create report for Mechanical Part Quality Inspection for E-disk casing, jigs, fixtures and enclosures. Perform Finite Element Analysis using COSMOSWorks (Thermal, Stress, Drop Test and Vibration Simulation).
Pulse Integrated Technology Inc
CAD Design Engineer
2004 - 2007
1. Basic Finite Element Analysis. 2. Create Designs for projects using our CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS 2007, AutoCAD 2002,Pro-E wildfire 3 and coordinate the designs with others in our office. 3. Machine Automation Design. Create 3D parametric model and 2D detailed drawings for metal fabrication. Handle large machine assembly models of more than 10,000 parts. Able to produced 50 parts drawing per day. 4. Basic API Programming using Solidworks. 5. Work with our customer in identifying design and manufacturing projects and coordinated this with our Pulse Team. 6. Documentation of Parts and Assemblies and putting this in correct CAD format.
Philippine EDS Techno-Service Inc.
Design Engineer
1998 - 2004
1. Primarily responsible for making difficult 3D/2D drawings of automotive components such as relay block, junction block and connectors using CAD software like SOLIDWORKS, CATIAV5, Cadra and Helix Micro Cadam. 2. Conduct design review for the created manufactured drawings. 3. Perform thermal simulation analysis on junction block and relay blocks automotive parts. 4. Training of new staff in using Thermal simulation software. 5. Discusses quality analysis on team and make design recommendation if necessary. 6. Communicates with our design staff locally and assign overseas for design proposal, amendments and review. 7. Travel overseas to assist our fellow Japanese employee in doing their automotive design intent. 8. Doing some consultation and design review request to our client.
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Christopher G. | Elance

Christopher G.