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Charleen D.

Editor, proofer, and copy editing specialist
   United States
  |   Brentwood, Tennessee
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Readying books or articles for publication through thorough proofing, copy editing, and fact-checking is one of my specialties. I have edited nonfiction, novels, catalogs, and academic writing, including textbooks and dissertations over a twelve-year period. I am a writing teacher as well as an editor. My experience in creating large Excel spreadsheets and/or populating them manually or through imported data is extensive. I am new to the site and eager to begin delivering editorial or data entry projects that are error-free and completed quickly.
Service Description
I was contracted for three years to edit distance learning training workbooks for air traffic controllers. I wrote and proofed copy for two nationally distributed catalogs for six years. As a textbook editor I have worked on hundreds of books for over three years. One of my joys has been helping fiction and nonfiction authors prepare their manuscripts for publication. I am a writing teacher and catch all grammatical errors, typos, and small discrepancies. I recently saved a book from name changes within copy and over a dozen errors caused by spell check and translation problems. I provide either track changes or a detailed Excel errata spreadsheet and can give advice from sixteen years of experience within publishing about the process and marketability.

Excel and I have over a decade of time together. I consider myself an expert at data entry on Excel and enjoy creating or using assigned templates to manipulate large amounts of data into electronic formats for sales, marketing, or research purposes. I know the value of error-free information and its importance. I was hired for that expertise for one position after a catalog pricing error resulted in half a million units being reprinted. Careful proofing and double-checking everything is imperative with table-based data. Several companies that I have worked for on a long term basis have used Excel for budgeting, forecasting, and prospecting and my data entry has been pivotal to decision-making or predicated new sales.
University of South Florida
Masters of Library Science &Technology
1990 - 1993
Lipscomb University
Bachelor of Arts in English Education
1979 - 1983
Delizon Publishing
Freelance Editor and Marketer
2012 - Present
I proof manuscripts, and also catalog and promotional copy for American English. I assess titles for marketability and create marketing plans.
Book Coach
Owner/ Freelance Consultant
2011 - Present
Editorial and marketing support. Freelance writing and research. Kiosk design.
Norma Jean Cooper
Writing mentor and personal editor
2011 - Present
I provide editorial support for academic writing, articles, proposals, handbooks, and manuals. I serve as a writing mentor, coaching on both style and composition.
Cecelia Munzenmaier
2012 - 2012
I checked over 600 links in the forthcoming blog Write More For Business. The site is under construction, so I provided a two page Excel spreadsheet color-coded with all of the links compiled and either verified or noted with errors or inactive links. I entered the links manually and captured all sub-links to show site mapping as well. I dated all entries so that when work is done actions can be signed off on and it is a clear record keeping system of what has been done and what is left to do before the site goes live. I have done work for this company before over a two-year period with various projects.
Joe Espin
Copy Editor and Consultant
2011 - 2011
Copy edited and proofed an e-book novel manuscript,. Researched vendors and terms.
Pearson Custom Publishing
Acquisitions Editor
2008 - 2010
Acquired and edited textbooks. Worked with experienced and debut authors to create professional textbooks, workbooks, and digital content for publication. Formatted and sometimes entered content; wrote introductions for Amazon, table of contents, front and back matter; arranged for permissions and releases; designed posters and flyers, and cover art; and planned contests and wrote their rules.. Developmental editing, proofing, copy editing, and coaching through the notes to publication process.
Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
East Coast Academic Field Sales & Marketing
2002 - 2008
Duties in addition to sales, included creating book synopsis, creating promotional flyers, evaluating author/manuscript potential and writing book proposals. Trade show and book fair planning and representation.
Perfection Learning Corporation
Title Coordinator/Coop Advertising
1995 - 2001
Evaluated book for viable sales potential to public school and academic libraries, and to teachers grades 6 to college. House account with the big six publishers and worked with 120 smaller houses. Planned author events and advertising; wrote catalog copy and some meta data.; designed catalog covers and marketing materials; authored some ancillaries. Increased science fiction and fantasy sales by 450% through targeted marketing. Conference presenter. Book columnist.
Memphis Shelby County Public Library System
Agency Manager
1993 - 1995
Public library manager. Doubled readership with marketing and ability to book talk, matching readers to great books and media. Imperative in this position was knowing which books appealed to what readership and captioning titles in readership advisement terms, relating titles and authors to comparable material, and exciting readers about great stories or information.
University Research Corporation
FAA/CMD Librarian
1988 - 1993
Librarian, quarterly newsletter editor, book columnist.
J & C Editing
1988 - 1991
Three year exclusive editorial contract to edit FAA air traffic controller management training distance learning materials.
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Writing Instructor
1987 - 1988
Taught grammar and composition courses for two semesters with emphasis on essay and creative writing. Created instructional materials; evaluated writing and worked with students for improvement.
Volusia County School Board
1984 - 1987
Taught high school English grades 10-12 compensatory education through honors; drama, television production. Selected for ACT test question writing team and as proofer for the first Florida Literacy Test. Efforts resulted in contest-winning and published creative writers. Produced weekly in-school televised show.
Payment Terms
For large projects requiring extended amounts of time I require half of the fee upfront and the remainder upon project completion.
Cecelia Munzenmaier
Cecelia Munzenmaier/Write Better at Work, Owner
I checked over 600 links in the under construction forthcoming Write Better at Work blog. I also provided a color-coded Excel spreadsheet with two pages housing manually entered links. I dated the spreadsheet entries as they were checked, noting active or inactive links and any problems/errors found. The spreadsheet I created allows for record keeping as the work on the site progresses, and may be used to record additional links and how they function in the site mapping. I have worked on various projects for this company over a two-year period.
Charleen D. | Elance

Charleen D.