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Ajay D.

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About the Company

Strong experience of more than 5 years working on complex web applications. All the development work at our center are guaranteed of the best quality due to the strong SDLC along with other processes followed. We provide complete documentation along with the project. We have developed our own functionality library (methods) in Ruby on Rails to further reduce the development time, maintenance of the code and the errors in code because of the Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept.
Service Description
We are a young team of developers believing in setting trends in the technology and hence selected the very new technology such as Ruby on Rails. The team is extremely enthusiastic about the technology, Ruby on Rails which reflects in company's expertise on the said technology.

We also works mobile platforms such as:-

iPhone, iPad Application development
Android Application development
Titanium application development
HTML5 application development

The company believes in strong HR and hence the HR policies are designed so as to build and improve the company's relationships with each team member working in the company.

As the technology is very new and emerging so as our team, the development at the center is very enjoyable and stress free that helps to enhance everyone's productivity at work.

We believe that everyone has skills. We try harder to match these skills with our job responsibilities. We make good software and also good humans.
The work culture is very friendly which we think plays vital role in making everyone responsible for their work and efforts to be put in.

We strictly follow the agreed time schedule. Any changes to the scope of the project will lead to reassessment of the time schedule.
Bond University, Australia
Master of Science (Software Engineering)
1993 - 1994
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
10% Confirmation of Order
10% Users Requirement Specifications
10% Prototype/Demo
20% Development
40% Implementation
10% Issue Fixing

Any Changes to the frozen scope of the project and eventually in the Users Requirement Specifications will be strictly subject to the our assessment and quotes.
Ben Patterson
Dashgo, CEO
prepaidcard.com was created for the analysis of sales and redemption of cards. Sales and Redemption reports are downloaded from diffrent ftp site using customer credentials. The reports are then shown on the website for every custimer. We analyzed, defined the requirements and scope of the project, did all the developement and implementations on the webserver.
Ajay D. | Elance

Ajay D.