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Christopher Knobil

Access Database Designer
   United States
  |   Menomonee Falls, WI
  |  10:52 am Local Time


I have been designing and managing Microsoft Access databases for 10 years. I have also worked in many other office support roles.

I am Interested in using my skills in Database design to benefit small businesses or individuals who want a simple, personalized, effective solution to managing data. I am also a native English speaker committed to thorough communication in order to understand exactly what my clients need.

I design databases in Microsoft Access to make keeping track of all kinds of data simple and easy without the hassle of a complicated database, or the frustration of a system not perfectly designed to accommodate your particular task.
Service Description
I have worked for 10 years developing and maintaining Microsoft Access Databases. I work to customize the database to exactly what the client needs, and provide them with the most workable solution for their situation.

My first project was assisting others in expansion of an existing database: adding features, improving performance and usability. After 2 years I took over the development and maintenance of that database almost exclusively. After that I began to look at other situations where a customized database was needed. I designed a database to replace a shaky, complex Excel spreadsheet file that kept track of an incentive program. The client handles this database completely, including the yearly updates.

In addition to database design I have been called in to work with existing databases, either fixing errors or adding new features. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my own work, and continue to expand on databases I have written as well. It is my goal to not just provide a solution that works, but one that does all the client wants it to.
Baptist College of Ministry Theological Seminary
Master of Arts (Bible)
2010 - 2012
Baptist College of Ministry
Bachelor of Arts (Bible/Music)
2005 - 2010
Baptist College of Ministry
Assistant to the Academic Dean
2012 - Present
I manage the details of the Academic Office. I handle paperwork, class registration, guest faculty, and assist the Academic Dean in overseeing the degree programs. I make thorough use of all Microsoft Office programs and an academic records database system.
Falls Baptist Church
Database Design and Management
2003 - Present
During this time I designed and maintained customized Access databases for a variety of situations and tasks. See my portfolio for some examples.
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Christopher Knobil | Elance

Christopher Knobil