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Christian L.

English - Spanish Translations - Business writing
  |  10:10 pm Local Time


Native Spanish speaker. Seasoned English to Spanish Translator.

More than 15 years of experience in business writing and communication.

High quality English-Spanish translation, proofreading and localization services.

Specialized in the following topics / areas:

- Management & Strategy
- Business Processes & Quality
- IT
- Administration / Finance
- Accounting / Taxes
- User Manuals & SOPs
- Coaching / Motivational Contents
- Sports
- Religion

I am a full time consultant and freelancer. Please share with me your project's details and expectations and I will get back to you within one business day.

You have a job to be done, I have time for you!
Service Description
I am a Business consultant (expert in Business Process Management and Quality topics). I work on my own, so I can arrange and manage my own agenda.

I am also a professional communicator, focused on Business Writing and on English / Spanish Translations.

I have written many types of elements (policies and procedures; eBooks; articles; newsletters; essays; presentations; etc.) in such different areas as IT & Methodologies; Operations; Management; Finance; HR; Religion; Sports; etc.

This diversity has proven to be extremely important to me since as a Business Consultant I should be EXPERT in my specific niche, of course, but I ALSO have to be something of an expert in every topic that may be helpful for my customers. On this regard, many times the vast majority of the bibliography and/or materials that I like to share with them are in English, so I have to translate them into Spanish, so as to add value to my services.

Besides, I have the dream of making the world a better place. Thus, I am studying to be a Professional Coach, to help people change, becoming 'players' of their own lives, instead of being victims of the circumstances. Besides, I work as a national volunteer in a religious NGO, based on Buenos Aires, called Accion Catolica Argentina (Catholic Action), where we design and conduct formative efforts to help people to live their values (not only religious values, but human values as well). On this regard, I collaborate by developing and managing projects, writing newsletters, conducting training efforts , etc.

Elance is crowded of translators and writers, so you must consider details.

Details may be appreciated as a minor aspect, but they are usually the cornerstone.

You know. Knowing a language is not enough for being a translator. Translations MUST maintain and convey the same message that the author originally created in the original language.

For this reason, in order to obtain a top-notch translation, the service must be provided by someone who is expert in the source language, BUT ALSO is a communication specialist in the target language.

Furthermore, conventional translators (even certified ones) usually have powerful knowledge about words, phrases and a wide variety of vocabulary of the language, but they are not experts (technically speaking) in the topic that they are translating, so they are unable to add enough value to the translations.

Hence, when having to get translation services, we face two very common issues; (1) Lack of communication skills (specially writing skills); (2) Lack of specific & technical knowledge on the topic to be translated.
Something similar happens with writing stuff.

That is exactly what I offer.

- Expert and VALUE-ADDING TRANSLATIONS from English into Spanish, ensuring that the original effective message intended in the source language (English) is fully maintained when translated into Spanish (fitted to the specific Spanish audience).

- PROFESSIONAL ARTICLES & EBOOKS creation -from scratch- and/or development- from existing content (both in English & Spanish), doing original research and exceeding customer's expectations.


*Administration / Finance / Management / Accounting / Taxes: Graduate (BA / Public Accountant) and Post Graduate (Master in Finance) studies in these areas.

*Business Process Management (BPM) / Process Based Methodologies: Certified Six Sigma Champion. Total Quality Management (TQM) / Six Sigma / Lean Thinking / Customer Expectation Management (CEM). IMPORTANT: I can also translate flow diagrams (mainly in Visio).

*Business Strategy: Business Plans writing.

*IT related topics. Information Security / Networking / Communications / ITIL processes / Desktop Support / Software Development, including agile methodologies like Scrum, XP / Project management (PMI) techniques / DMS and other supportive tools, etc.

*User Manuals (mainly Systems / Applications). My experience includes the development of many Systems or Applications User Manuals, and in many cases the translation of some imported English Manuals (such as Fiserv ICBS).



Escuela de Formacion de Li­deres
Professional Ontological Coach
2010 -
Universidad Austral
Executive Six Sigma (Champion)
2008 - 2008
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Master in Finance
2001 - 2001
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Licenciado en Administracion (Bachelor in Administration)
1995 - 1999
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Contador Publico (Public Accountant)
1989 - 1995
Instituto Universitario ESEADE
Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator
2011 - Present
Accion Sur
2009 - Present
Head of the Business Process Management Unit.
Freelance Translator and Proofreader
Freelance Translator and Proofreader
1997 - Present
English to Spanish Translation and Spanish Proofreading services (courses, handbooks, papers, articles, eBooks, etc.).
Policies & Procedures Manager
2002 - 2009
In charge of the analysis, optimization, design, documentation and issuing of all the Company's policies and procedures (local and global). Localization of AIG Corporate English policies.
Payment Terms
I work under the Escrow terms.

I am negotiable on payment terms. From my point of view, confidence is one of the key points while working remotely, so we can discuss the payment terms when starting every new project.
Christian L. | Elance

Christian L.