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Avinash K.

Software Architect, Coddent Technologies
  |   Bangalore, Karnataka
  |  1:13 pm Local Time


I'm a Web & Software Developer with 12 yrs of experience in developing client/server-side solutions and 3 yrs of experience in mobile apps for local & international clients.

I enjoy working passionately for my clients and their satisfaction is my utmost priority. I'm highly responsive when it comes to respond to your queries and I take every possible step to deliver a bug-free, polished work on time because completion of your work on time is very important. I don't bid on projects that I can not handle.

You can hire me for creating highly responsive, accessible, standards-compliant websites/web apps and to develop Android & generic softwares.

*Proficiency:* Photoshop, Illustrator, jQuery, WordPress, CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, BuddyPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, Prestashop & Sinatra, Amazon AWS

** Of course, I can't respond while I'm asleep! (Inactivity: 00:00 AM to 07:00 AM IST, Saturdays & Sundays)
Service Description
Following is a list showing the typical project works that I can easily handle:-

* Coding clean, well-commented, standards-compliant XHTML/HTML5 Markup
* Converting table-based layouts into flexible, responsive XHTML/CSS based layouts
* Converting PSD to XHTML/CSS
* Debugging/Testing Existing websites / web apps
* Installation & Configuration of the LAMP stack on a new server installation
* Developing scripts/web apps in PHP/Ruby/Python scripting languages (e.g. Contact Form, Guestbook, CMS, Invoicing App, Social Networking app, Social Bookmarking App, Book or Movie Databases similar to Amazon & IMDB, Photo Galleries, Chat scripts, etc.)
* Developing apps utilizing various APIs (e.g. Facebook API, PayPal API, Google Maps API, Google Analytics API, etc.)
* Search Engine Optimization
* Website Optimization (e.g. web page load speed optimization)
* Development of day to day use softwares for Windows, *Nix and OS X platforms
* Development of Android apps
* Development of iOS apps


. Strong personal skills including focused listening and logical thinking. Rapidly adapts to new technologies, standards, and ideas.
. Over 80 WPM computer typing speed (English)
. Extensive experience in administering Windows, Linux and OS X powered systems.
. Experienced in Virtualization technologies (MS Virtual PC, VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox, Parallels Workstation, etc.)
. Excellent communication skills.
. Highly conscious about Computer & Network Security
. Wide knowledge of common office softwares (MS Office, Open Office, Acrobat, etc.)
. Comprehensive Internet background including e-mail, FTP, telnet, Usenet, and most UNIX shells.
. Adept at using Photoshop, GIMP & Illustrator to produce optimized web graphics
. Ability to work under pressure, and to consistently deliver projects on-time.
. Interested in the use and promotion of Open Source technologies
. Experience of web development using Ruby, Perl, PHP & Python scripting languages
. Experience in MySQL & SQLite database technologies
. Have written system applications in Python & Ruby
. Thorough understanding of installing and configuring servers using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) technologies
. Familiar with the design and development of web sites for computer screens, projectors and hand held devices (cell phones, PDA, etc.)
. Extensive knowledge of XHTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (including AJAX) in standards-compliant web design & development
. Adept at progressive enhancement techniques to make a web application highly usable even when the user has JavaScript and a few extensions disabled.
. Understanding of Web Usability issues and the technical aspects of making content usable for desktop, mobile and screen reader users
. Good understanding of SEO, Social Media Marketing & Online Advertising.
. Online customer service and helpdesk experience
. Excellent general IT skills
Payment Terms
Rule #1. I do not start working on any project until Escrow for the first milestone has been funded.

Rule #2. I do not work on Saturdays & Sundays so please don't expect any communication during weekends. The days that I include in my bids are exclusive of Saturdays & Sundays. If I bid 6 days as delivery for any project, please note that if a job is awarded to me on Friday, I'll start working on Friday but will pause the work on Saturday & Sunday and will continue again from Monday.

So, Friday is 1 work day and from Monday to Friday are 5 work days, totaling 6 days. I've put this information here so you are fully aware of this before awarding a job. If you miss reading this section of our profile, I won't be responsible for any loss at your end.
Avinash K. | Elance

Avinash K.