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About the Company

Codemen's mission is to provide you with the facts, so that you can make an informed outsourcing choice. Once you've made the choice, it's our commitment to give you the best possible outsourcing solution.

We specialize in technologies like Cloud hosted Enterprise level SaaS or on prem application development. We work with Microsoft, Java, ComputerVision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), BIG Data Analysis using Cassandra or MongoDB and Spark.

We also provide our clients with their own programmer(s) according to their requirement. We ensure the development environment, connectivity, code security. We also ensure the security of your idea, a level of comfort that you may not get when hiring individual programmers.
Service Description
It's a full time job managing a worldwide staff, unless you match the right resource to the right need. It's a job many outsourcing companies just aren't up for. Codemen is.

We start with a notion as simple as it is overlooked: We listen to you. We then deliver qualified resources. So are we a technology recruitment company? Are we a technology development company? Yes. We are unique, just like your business. That's why we understand it. That's why we value it.

Codemen is committed to a "one to one" communication, whether we are working with a large client like Microsoft, or a non-profit such as CUNY or a start-up non-profit social networking site. And our guarantee is the best possible price to value solution while always delivering standard SEO compliant code that validates with W3C's Validator and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Our sites are also ADA Section 508 compliant, because in this multi-browser and platform world that's not just a technical matter but a branding matter.

Codemen has extensive experience in open source technology in order to decrease development time and maximize time to market; but when the solution is to build from the code up, we can and do. Why? The Principal of Codemen has a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Technology. Both of Codemen's senior Project Managers/Senior Developers have Bachelors degrees in Computer Science as well.

Last but by no means least, at Codmen, we know that experience in technology is not enough. Like your business, it must be fueled by passion, because experience and passion are the first steps on the road to innovation.

Codemen provides passion and expertise for:
Dynamic HTML & Java Development:
* XHTML/CSS W3C Compliant
* (C#)
* Java
* MS SQL and MySQL
* MongoDB, Cassandra and Spark
* Our own Enterprise Level Rapid Application development platform based on MySQL and MongoDB for High Scalability
* WordPress
- Client Management (CRM Integration)
* SalesForce, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign
* Marketing Automation (InfusionSoft or ActiveCampaign Campaign build out)
* Auto Nurturing and Funneling
- Inventory Management Systems
E-commerce Solutions:
* Custom shopping cart solution
* Shopify
* PayPal
* QuickBook Integration
* Google Checkout
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Codemen offers solutions for:
* Small to Mid Size businesses
* Enterprise businesses
* Also, we are interested to work with you if you have a disrupting idea

And all of our solutions are available in monthly packages as well as all inclusive project packages to optimize value.
Edinboro University of PA
Masters in Information Technology
2004 - 2006
Edinboro University of PA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2001 - 2004
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment can be broken down into three stages. First payment at the beginning of the project, second payment at the middle of the project (a date set by both party) and the last payment can be made after the project is completed and uploaded to the client's server.

For projects smaller than $800.00, please fund the escrow at the beginning of the project.

In case of hourly monthly service contract, payment should be paid at the beginning of the month.
Rajib Hasan
Hasan Nuggets System, CEO
CNET memory module Redo of CNET's memory feed module using Microsoft SQL 2000 and ASP. Transfer of data from the old database to the new database. Write ASP code for the clients to implement on their end.
Ale Casteel
VisualAle, Web Designer Developed the content management system, User management system and an Intranet for the corporation to communicate and share information internally. Converted the design from PSD to xhtml/css2 Search Engine Optimization
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