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Creativity is our passion,Imagination is our power
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About the Company

The Coley Group is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the development of creative written communications of all types. We have become an industry leader by providing expert, affordable consulting services for our clients that meet their needs in a timely manner. Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, our staff of capable, expert consultants and writers can effectively develop solutions that get you the results you so richly deserve.

Regardless of the size or scope of your writing needs, the Coley Group can offer the creativity that stands out in the crowd. From business plans that will give your organization a solid foundation to marketing campaigns that will help define and penetrate your target market, there is only one name to remember for all of your strategic consulting business needs. The Coley Group where creativity is our passion and imagination is our power
Service Description
The Coley Group was founded in 2004 offering business consulting services to individuals and organizations across the nation. Integrity, affordability, creativity and passion form the cornerstones of our brand as we work diligently with clients develop creative solutions for their complex marketplaces. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals possessing a wealth of knowledge gained through tenures in some of today%u2019s leading business environments.

Coley Group marketing campaigns are engaging and practical with proven strategies that allow deep market penetration and entrenchment. When it comes to branding, our business consultants are adept at helping our clients establish a brand program complete with a message and position that sets them apart from even their closest competition. We are the Coley Group. Creativity is our passion..imagination is our power.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail; it’s just that simple. If you are serious about the long-term success of your business, a business plan is an absolute must. With this thought in mind, the Coley Group has developed a variety of plans each designed to fit the specific business needs of today’s business leaders. Our business plans are professional, affordable and will offer you and all who are privy to it a clear view of your business model. All of our business plans are professionally written.

Marketing is a key component of any viable business model; its importance cannot be underestimated as it is the actual voice through which you speak to your consumer. The Coley Group can offer a variety of marketing solutions that will bolster your business and give you a real connection with your target market.

Having trouble defining your brand? It’s a question that every business leader should be able to answer without a moment’s hesitation. Although it has seemingly come from nowhere to become the hottest topic in the business world, the concept of branding has been around for quite some time. Many business leaders have come to realize that perception is always reality in the high-stakes world of branding. This is why it is important that your brand be clearly defined, capable of fostering a lasting relationship with your targeted consumer.

Strategy development and positioning: The Coley Group will conduct a thorough brand evaluation and develop positioning strategies to ensure brand success.
Corporate Identification: Logos and taglines are developed during the corporate identification phase of your branding program along with any collaterals that will help push your branding message.

Implementation: It’s time to start living the brand. This is where all of the hard work and strategizing begins to take form as your organization begins to actually live the message of your brand.

If you are in need of copy for brochures, media kits or any other type of business proposal including RFP/RFI responses, the Coley Group can satisfy all of your copywriting needs at a cost that will fit within your budget. Our copywriting services include:

Website content: The Coley Group can create engaging copy for your website that will drive traffic and give your site the type of “stickiness that translates into revenue. Our team of writers can develop search engine optimized copy and content that will enable your organization to build a strong web presence and customer base. Coley web site content solutions will maximize your opportunities for indexing, ranking, click-throughs and most importantly, conversion.

E-mail marketing: E-mail marketing; it’s the new frontier allowing businesses around to speak to their customers in ways never before imagined. It is fast becoming the preferred method of communicating for companies around the globe as it is a proven method to maintain a relationship with your current customers while attracting new ones.

Proposals: Our group of professional writers and consultants can create engaging proposals that will make your audience stand up and take notice. From RFI and RFP proposals that win bids to sponsorship proposals that secure funds, the Coley Group can expertly handle all of your proposal development needs.

Brochures: E-marketing is important but print is still a reliable source of communication that many businesses continue to employ. The Coley Group can assist with the copy development of all of your print collaterals including newsletters, brochures and fact sheets.
University of Texas
1999 - 2001
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Payment Terms
1) 50% retainer released upon project awarding
2) Balance due released at the time of delivery
3) Consultation and/or revisions as needed for up to an additional 2 weeks or until the client being serviced is satisfied
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The Coley Group