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UK team of experienced copy writers (DMA member)
   United Kingdom
  |   Newcastle upon Tyne, England
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About the Company

Businesses are built on words. Well-written copy creates connections, captures attention and effectively communicates your message to the widest possible audience.

C.S.U.K. creates brand-focused, compelling copy, targeted to your audience. We can craft you a coherent, effective message to develop and improve your business, corporate and consumer communications.

We can help you engage with your potential, current and future customers at every point of your business relationship.

Our writing gives your business a unique voice. Our clients range from global businesses, to sole traders and public sector organisations. Check out our portfolio to see some of the work we've completed.

Our experience and expertise lies in creating a range of bespoke communications in conjunction with our clients to increase brand awareness and generate new business.
Service Description

The biggest form of marketing for ten years and something we've helped over 10,000 customers with in the UK in that time.

Let us help you use the 3-5 seconds you have to attract someone by the subject line and the headline. With the rest of the email, we'll lead your potential customer to the point where they want to contact you and find out more. 100% proven track record.


You're our client. Our job is to make sure that, when someone reads what you're about, you get a response. We do the marketing, you do the selling. Make your potential customers interested. Make them sit up. Make them call you, visit your website or click that "buy" button.

You measure us by the interest we generate. You judge us by how interested the people who contact you really are. We're a results-driven business - it's what we know and it's how we work for you.

BBC, Channel 4, Singapore Airlines, Apple, S&Saatchi - we work with all the big firms. All customers are equal and results from our smaller customers back that up - 250,000 from one leaflet for School Holidays, floods of customers for Vitaseal, and much more.

The same team getting results for big companies work on your campaign. We're a full-time business, not a dabbling freelancer. Find out why 2,000+ companies choose us every year.


The trickiest and most expensive form of marketing. Get it right though and the return on investment for you is massive.

We've sent tens of millions of letters and leaflets in our time. Speak with our team to find out how marketing by the Royal Mail can work out best for you.


Whether you're selling a pizza, a conservatory or solar panels, the words make a real impact. Working with us, make sure that the very best of you comes across.

Your customers respond to what something does for them. Our copy writing service will leave them in no doubt as to how good you really are and why they should contact you now.


Whether your business is contacting other companies or homeowners, Copywriting Studios UK can tailor your opening message and objection handles to the audience you're targeting.

Telesales is a great way to get business in quickly but it has to be done right. If you employ 10 telesales staff getting you 20 orders a week, it's got to be worth contacting us to see if we can help you turn those 20 deals into 25, 30, 35 or even more.

Our Head of Creative served over 10 years in B2B telesales. Together with the company's back-up support, our help can make a huge difference to the return on investment you get from your telemarketing activities.


Your website is one of the biggest and most important investments you make in your business. Is it really doing what it should be doing though?

Whether you want us to write your website from scratch or just refresh what's there already, let us know what you want your website to achieve and we can rewrite it to reflect your business goals.


Sending out emails, leaflets, mailshots or any other form of marketing with grammatical, punctuation or lexical errors can really take the shine off how good your offering is.

Before you send it to the printers, let us have a look at it. We'll highlight anything that needs correcting. We'll also give you general feedback and pointers to make your advert even more effective.


As with all English-speaking countries, the UK has its very own version. If you're looking to launch your product into the UK and you want experienced copy writers whose first language is British English, contact us to find out how we can help.
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