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About the Company

We are a big team of illustrators with different drawing styles with more than 10 years working in Elance with more than 2000 projects (with satisfied clients).

We have a long experience on Cartoons, Children's illustrations, Medical illustrations, Greeting Cards, Characters creation, etc.

We are experts in game's graphics and apps (more than 300 game's designed), also experts in children's books (more than 200 Children's books), humor for top magazines (MAD, CRACKED, etc)..

We also have a long experience in 3D and technical illustrations, icons, games graphics, comics, realistic illustration, maps, t-shirts, animations and creating characters.
Service Description
ENROC is a company focused full to illustration covering all the possible needs on this matter for our international clients.

We are a big team of illustrators working together, including the cartoonist CORNE.

Our priority is to leave our clients 100% satisfied, for this reason we work with unlimited corrections until you get exactly what you was looking for or exceed your expectations.

Our team of professional illustrators with different drawing styles will work for your project using our creativity to your needs with professionalism and meet deadlines.

We are working as illustrators for publishers, advertising and design agencies, newspapers, web sites, merchandising products and other companies from all over the world (USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, Switzerland, Argentina, etc.).

We have clients as MAD, Panini, Burger King, McGraw & Hill, HSBC, Dr. Pepper, Cracked, Weekly Reader, Dynapac, Accesflow, Boehringer Ingelheim, Yotrio, Coto, Perfil, Edesur, etc.

Our illustrations and cartoons have won several international contests and are been exhibiting in the most prestigious festivals all over the world.

We have illustrated more than 200 Children's books and more than 200 other kind of books.

We have one illustrator for any kind of style that a buyer could need. We have a long experience doing different illustration and design works:
Humorous illustration
Children's books
Medical illustration
Concept illustration
Photo-realistic illustration
Graphics for games
Comics books
Technical illustrations
3D, etc.

If you need an illustration fell free to contact us, we will work to transform an idea into a real visual image.

An illustration is a way to represent something that exist or that is in our imagination in a visual image. From a simple clip art, a funny cartoon, a children's story to a complex photo-realistic or 3D images, Enroc provides any kind style in any kind of format. Our team will work with you to create a totally professional illustration with the exact style that you need.

CARTOON / COMIC STRIPS: We have many cartoonists in our team working with any kind of cartoon style that you may need. We are experts on Cartoons, as we have done thousands of cartoons.
If you need a funny comic strip or gag cartoon, we have working in our team the cartoonist CORNE, which works for the top humor magazines of the world like MAD, etc.

CHILDREN'S: The illustrations are a very important part of the learning process of the children's. The variety of possibilities of illustrated works for children's is unlimited.
We have illustrated more than 200 Children's books, we have done games, Greeting Cards, Coloring Books, etc. The Styles of illustrations for children's can be different according their age; we work with any kind of style. You can see in our portfolio some of the styles we use, but we can also work with other styles that you may need.

MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS: The medical illustrations need to be accurate on the realistic way to represent, and is very important to have know about the human body and have an experience on this field to know how this illustrations need to be done, to make an illustration easy to understand and absolutely realistic on the representation.
The Enroc team has a long experience on Medical illustrations, with more than 200 projects done on this matter (From Photo-realistic illustrations with a very high detail up to simple black and white representations).

3D, TECHNICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL: We have working in our team professional Industrial Designers and Architects with the skills to create great technical illustrations, from simple hand illustration on watercolor or pencil to 3D graphics (animated too).

CHARACTER DESIGN: At Enroc we have a long experience designing characters, or Mascots, for Logos, manufacturing Toys, Animations, Corporate identity, Websites, comic strips, Books and personal uses. You can choose an style and we will create it following your direction or the idea that you want to communicate. We can do the character in any style. Have you dreamed a character? We can transform your idea in a real visual image!

PHOTO-REALISTIC: When an illustration needs to be very realistic this is the style you should choose and we are the right provider to do it (we have a long experience doing them for many uses, from a product, medical, or animals and nature, to conceptual images for book covers or Posters, etc.).

MERCHANDISING: We have also illustrators that are also Graphic Designers in our team to do great T-shirts, Greeting Cards and Merchandising (we have done hundreds).

COMICs and MANGA: We have professional comic illustrators that will create great comic with a high quality like the comics of the famous Superheroes. Some of our illustrators have a devotion to MANGA and a long experience on this field, including the creation of a Manual to teach how to draw Manga.

GRAPHIC : We also have a long experience creating Icons and graphics for software, website and also Graphics for Games (cell phones, Pc, etc.).

ANIMATIONS: With any kind of style we can do from traditional animation, to gif or flash.

CARICATURE: Enroc provides caricatures with different styles of representations for your needs, from a extreme caricature to a more realistic or a cartoon style caricature.

MAPS: A map needs a studied detail of the place it will explain. Enroc has produced maps of countries, cities, neighborhoods, Thematic Parks, Buildings, funny maps, maps for children's games, etc.

FASHION: The style is more stylized, with a fashion and modern point of view.

IPHONE - IPAD Graphics: The new technologies created for Apple requires specific knowledge to create graphics for them. Enroc team has started working since the begin of this technologies and has become one of the illustration companies leaders in the creation of graphics / illustrations for Games and Applications with more than 100 projects done.
University of Buenos Aires
Graphic Design
1995 - 1999
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We request a 30% of the total prize as advance payment. Then we work with unlimited corrections until you 100% satisfied with your illustration or design.
Ana Lomba
Ana Lomba Early Languages LLC , Director
Books illustrations
Steve Kaplan
AccessFlow, Inc., Microsoft MVP Terminal Server
Comics about Virtual man as Company image and publicity.
Alejandro Sammartino
Editorial Inforcampo S.R.L., Manager Director (coordinador general)
Monthly illustrations
Abraham Steinberg
Count on me, Director or similar
illustrations for "Count on me" brochure.
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