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Eileen C.

Savvy, creative news & travel writer
   United States
  |   Boston, MA
  |  5:34 am Local Time


Are you at the top of the content revolution? I'd love to help, especially in the fields of travel, lifestyle, education and branding. Let's take care of all your print, blog, creative, copywriting requests. I've been a professional in the industry for 5 years and have a formal degree in journalism. Nearly 1/3 of my clients on Elance are repeat customers, which says much about my expertise and their satisfaction. I would be thrilled to work with you on your project!

Publications include: Expedia, Trivago.com, Canadian World Traveller, In The Know Traveler, In The Know Traveler U.S.A., Pure Wander Magazine, CrookedFlight.com, Mindful Travel, Travel Marketing Worldwide Blog, Fridom Magazine, SF Travel, The Cruise Expert, Charity Kick Blog & many more!

Highlights of my expertise:

- Native English speaker, experience in UK & US spelling, conversational in Spanish, global perspective
- Knowledge of various operating systems relating to media, marketing, SEO and social medi
Service Description
I want to make sure you have a positive and close to perfect experience while I work to complete your freelance project. My most recent position was writing for a number of high-profile clients, including travel booking websites, villa rental companies, financial institutions and lifestyle magazines. I was completing upwards of 20 articles a day with ease, but wished to pursue a freelance career instead to focus more on my quality and perfecting my skills.

This will be the only full-time commitment I have, so no school or other job will get in the way of taking on your freelance project.

If you'd like to see some of my online content work, the following are a few examples of my published pieces used by a variety of clients:

•Photo Tour of 21C Museum Hotel (Pop & Circumstance blog, 2013)

•Locally Sourced and Loving It in St. Lucia (In The Know Traveler, 2014)

•Keep Calm and Carry On when Flying with Kids (Pure Wander magazine, 2014)

•Travel Musings and Discussing Forever in Boston (CrookedFlight blog, 2013)

Written projects I have collaborated on:

* Produced more than 5,000 original 200-1000 word articles on subjects such as advice columns, travel, health tips, relationships, finance, technology, how-to's and current events/news
* Freelanced for travel magazines and websites
* Completed college term papers and assignments, received top grades
* Worked on stories for UK, US and international clients

Proofreading tasks:

*Published two workbooks through Lulu/Amazon
* Professionally contracted to proofread children's books, college papers, a doctoral thesis, and novels
* Copyeditor for campus newspaper (4 years)
* Opinions Editor for campus news paper (4 years)
* Peer-edited content for professional company, averaging 1,000 words a day (1 and a 1/2 years)
Saint Bonaventure University
Bachelor of Arts, Journalism/Mass Communication
2004 - 2008
Universidad de Sevilla
2006 - 2006
Brafton Inc.
News and Content Writer
2011 - 2012
Responsibilities include writing 20+ stories a day for 8-10 clients, as well as being in charge of peer editing, various client communications, brainstorming & process improvements. Articles cover a variety of subjects, ranging from travel tips & industry news to finance & education.
The Free George Magazine
2010 - 2011
The Free George (thefreegeorge.com) is an online magazine based in central New York. With over 12,000 subscribers this 'zine is quickly growing into a popular place to obtain information about events and news in and around the local area. I contribute blog posts about the ongoings of their neighbor city, Boston. Topics include the best restaurants to try, bands and music acts to see, nightlife to experience and more.
The BonaVenture Newspaper
Opinions Editor
2007 - 2008
Ran a weekly opinions section at campus newspaper, in charge of 2 written pieces as well as all editing and proofreading responsibilities. Utilized Quark for layouts and had an assistant to help with daily tasks.
Payment Terms
I often ask for a day or two to get a grasp on the task at hand, especially if it is big or time-consuming. The bulk of payment will be billed at the completion of the project. If any tangible material is needed, shipping and supplies can also be discussed as a one-on-one basis.
Eileen C. | Elance

Eileen C.