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Staci Nichols

Specializing in Ebook Creation
  |   San Diego, CA
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I am an American published author and proofreader. I am a former English teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and proofreading certificate. In 2009, LifeTips published my book "101 Vegetarian Eating & Living Tips." In 2010, Vook published my ebook "How to Please Your Man."

I believe a writer is not so much a wordsmith as a thinker and problem solver--words are just the medium. I have established myself as a critical thinker who is both creative and analytical.

My main areas of expertise are: nutrition, vegetarianism, natural health, sports nutrition, athletic training, law of attraction, exercise, poker, soapmaking, public speaking, debate, world religions/spirituality, social issues, metaphysics, and self-improvement.
Service Description
+ "When I read that Soap book it was like a religious experience. I sat there and watched it unfold... page after page, paragraph and image, captions, text, such a complicated subject. And you made it so clear and easy to understand...If the definition of writing is to be able to elicit that feeling in a reader...then you are a master. I'm not easily impressed lately, but today was such a different experience for me. I thank you for that." -Chuck R.,
+ "The final project looks great. Thank you for your punctuality, follow through, and for your communication throughout this project. I don't know if Elance has a 'favorites' list, but you are on there now! I hope you'll be open to future writing projects." -Luis M.,
+ "I love this ebook..." -R.B.,
“Thank you Staci for your good work and creative thinking. I think you are a great writer. Especially, your style with sub-headlines and understandable metaphors is very persuasive." -Serdar from Japan Marketing
"Perfect!" -Lisa from the Spanglish Times
"Thanks Staci, great job on the editing! You seriously are not charging enough for what you are doing for me." -Lorri from Northwest Chiropractic
“You're obviously a very talented writer and a great researcher!" -Ami from Mercola.Com
“Your articles are very good. You really speak with knowledge about the subject and supply information people can't find anywhere else in a very understandable way. I couldn't think of a better way to talk about this subject!" -Nico from
"Wow! We love what you did with the press release!" -Nick from GypsyBug.Com
"I love the wonderful feedback you have given me! You are a saint." - Jose from
"Thank you for getting me the second article so quickly, it was perfect!" -Leigh from
“I want to thank you for getting it (an e-book) out to me in a VERY reasonable amount of time! It's just the manner in which I wanted the info delivered. Very readable, great facts mixed with tidbits people like, and with the different information easy to locate." -Dr. Owen Waldman
EditorialCourses.Com (Grammatika)
Editing and Proofreading Certificate
Awarded: 2008
State of California, Office of Criminal Justice
Sexual Assault Advocate
Awarded: 2004
Institute of Legal Studies
Paralegal Certificate
Awarded: 2001
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Academy
Basic POST Academy Completion Certificate
2004 - 2004
University of Redlands
Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
1997 - 2000
Payment Terms
I generally ask for 50% up front and 50% upon completion. "Upon completion" means within 48 hours of my work being turned in, unless otherwise agreed upon. I expect the final completed draft to be reviewed by you within 24 hours of receipt and prompt payment. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Staci Nichols | Elance

Staci Nichols