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Subash S.

Your Technical Writing jobs, done perfect!
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Trust your Technical Writing, User Assistance, Writing and Web Content creation tasks with a developer, software tester and Tech.writer working in the IT industry for over two decades.

I have over a decade of experience on Midrange systems developing, implementing and maintaining software systems.

Would you get your Technical writing job done at the hands of a non-IT person? With over a decade of experience working for Fortune 100 and 400 companies across two continents on Midrange systems I undertake your Tech.writing tasks with system design, development and implementation experience. (Ask for my resume for complete details of my career and work experience)

So if your writing task is Technical Writing, Developing Web Content , Copywriting, Policy maintenance or creating Resumes and letters, consider your job done in trusted and expereinced hands.
Service Description
I aim to deliver quality Technical writing, User Assitance, Content development and Web content creation services at reasonable prices. With over a decade of experience in the software industry working for Fortune 100 clients as a systems person I bring both knowledge and cutting edge technology to Technical Writing, User Assistane, and other writing tasks. Please take a look at my samples in the portfolio section.

I intend to offer these services to you by following simple yet efficient methods.

1. I will listen to you and try and understand your problem well.
2. I will suggest the best possible solution so that you or your customers/clients will need the shortest learning curve to familiarize and master the product or course.
3. I provide you with early and timely samples of completed work for review and feedback so that we understand that the work is proceeding as intended.
4. The goal is to deliver a deliverable that you are completely satisfied with. After all your job MUST also be joy for me to do.
5. I take fewer projects so that I can devote time and attention to the project and complete it to your satisfaction.

Technical Writing: I have developed User Manuals, Application Help, Technical specifications, Installation Guides, Diagrams and Charts and other relevant documentation for software applications and products. Documentation will ensure that complete functionality of the product is explained. Preperation of presentations, questionaires, forms and training material, and faq's. I can provide the output in a variety of formats such as Web help, Windows help
(WinHelp and HTML Help), Dokuwiki, Oracle help, Java Help, E-book, Computer Based Training (CBT), Adobe (.pdf), Powerpoint and Word document formats.

Web Content:
Attention grabbing web content creating repeat customers and readers is my goal. Material will be thoroughly researched for accuracy and gathered from as
many reliable sources as possible. SE Optimization can also be done. Currently I write on three blogs and post reviews constantly on

Well-researched articles offering both informative and interesting reading is my forte. Using humor, stories and incidents of interest my newsletters not only inform but also entertain. For both Web Content and articles writing can be done in a variety of styles such as formal, informal and totally unconventional.

Computer Based Training - Use my training videos to simplify and enhance your training procedures for the products you create.

Company Policies -
I can help generate and simplify your company policy (HR rules, hiring etc) handling process by keeping them in one single and easily searchable module either online or in your applications. The module includes glossary, index and an extensive search and locate facility. Never miss out on your valuable information again.

Resumes, cover letters and other business letters: Let me help write your perfect resume that can help you find the perfect employer and job. As a BONUS I will write the cover (application) and acceptance letters for FREE! when I create your resume. If you are looking for a writer to generate that perfect business letter I can do that for you too.

Copywriting/Proposal/RFP: Whether it is copy on the web or for business, or proposals I will produce compelling copy that will help you accomplish
your goals. I used the same copy techniques on two of my websites.

Payment Terms
Based on the magnitude of the project both in terms of its size and time period, I offer a professional service to suit you. It will be both negotiable and reasonable.
I expect a 25% payment on acceptance of the project, another 25% after completion of 50% of the project and the remainder on completion.

Subash S. | Elance

Subash S.