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About the Company

Credencys is the fastest growing Mobile Apps company on eLance with rave reviews having the most Passionate Team, developing World Class Mobile Apps, which people are hooked on immediately.

You will be delivered incremental builds every 2 weeks of your project, along with release notes and known issues, if any. This way you can see the evolution of the project and experience much early, what is coming along and thus be able to provide your feedback, rather than have surprises or mismatched expectations towards the end.

Our clients LOVE to work with us in this unique way, which they have never ever experienced in a outsourced project. We have designed our company, culture, work processes from ground up, in order to provide WOW Customer experience for every single project, out of Credencys
Service Description
Focus Areas
1) Mobility Solutions (Enterprise & B2C)
2) Technology for New Startups
3) Cloud & Big Data Solutions
4) Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions
2) 2D / 3D Game Development

We work on futuristic technologies like Motion Gesture, Natural Interaction, Augmented Reality, Face Tracking, Head Tracking used in various applications of Interior Design, Retail, m-Commerce, Real Estate, Gaming and many more.

Why Us:
1) Unique Process - Every 15 Days incremental delivery
2) Design Thinking - Design driven engineering & rich user experience
3) Loved by Customers - 70% of business from existing clients
4) Agile Process - Fanatical about quality and timely delivery

App Market Snapshot
- iTunes is adding 500,000 new accounts each day
- Apple has 575 million iTunes users
- Each user spends average $16 per year on apps.
- $15 Million Sales Per Day Apple iTunes Store
- $4 Million Sales Per Day on Google Play Store

FAQ for Clients:
Few questions which are generally asked by many clients.

1. What are the services provided by the Credencys?
Credencys Solutions, provides services for Mobile Apps Development
- iPhone/iPad Apps Development
- Android, Blackberry & Windows Apps development
- 2D / 3D Game Development on all platforms
- Enterprise Mobile & Cloud Solutions
- Augmented Reality Solutions on Smart TV, Mobile, Tablets

2. Who owns the IP & Source code of the App? Do you sign NDA?
Your Company owns all the source code, copyrights & IP, which is
specifically developed for your application. Credencys has no rights
whatsoever on the source code of the project. You can review standard
eLance NDA

3. How do you ensure that you don’t compete with your clients?
Having agreements is not enough, unless we stand by it and mean it. Thus, being a services company, we are clear on our focus and strengths from the beginning. This allows us to work and collaborate with our clients and make them successful. And also allows us to remain focused on what we do the best, build great products for our client. Nonetheless, we'll have NDA agreements in place, which will layout the foundation for such understanding

4. Can you write down the Scope of my Project, after discussions?
Yes. You have access to our BTC (Business & Technology Consultants), who'll discuss the complete project with you and present you the overall Solution Proposition. They'll also provide you the effort estimates & Delivery Milestones and help you in areas, where you need assistance in getting started. Further, you can get in touch with our BTC team through Skype, Phone Call or Chat and you will be glad that you will get answers to all your queries and also have a larger / clear vision of what you can expect.

5. Who is responsible for the Apple Interaction?
You will get 100% assistance in creating App screen shots, writing App Description & marketing copy, designing App icon compiling the App with distribution certificate & uploading on the App Store. All you need to have is your Apple / Google Developer account and adding -- in your account. Once the access is granted to our account, we'll upload the app to the Apple Store. In case you want to upload the App by yourself, we can assist you for the same as well.

6. What’s your schedule like? How soon can you start?
We can start almost immediately with the initial understanding of the project. Thereafter, we'll start the wireframe / screen design with graphics, as the whole concept is thought through. Parallel to the designing, we'll start the programming as well

7. What time zone do you work in? What are your working hours?
Our development team works in GMT +5:30 timezone (9 hours/day). However, for analysis, project communication, we'll work with you in your time zone. If you are from Europe / North & South America Region, your morning time are most preferable and if you are from Australia Region, afternoon time is most preferable.

8. What’s the most frustrating experiences, working with our clients?
Isn't this a Good question :) Communication is the key. If that is good from both the ends, 95% problems are sorted. Not sharing the objective / vision of the proejct, leaves the team disconnected. And it defeats the expectations, quality and the usefulness of the project for the target audience. These 2 areas are the top reasons, for all the other issues to come up in the project

9 Are you working with a team? What are their skills? Who would be doing what?
Yes, we are 50 member team, 100% focused on Mobile App development. Having different skill sets like :- iOS and Android Native programmers (They will support for developing any specific functionality at the core level), Concept Artist (They create sketches from initial concepts of the App including characters, environments, & overall screen design etc), Graphics Designer (They bring sketches to real-life on computers using different designing tools), 2D / 3D programming in Unity3D (They build the complete game play, animation, scoreboards etc), Mobile App & Game Testers (They will constantly test and report bugs)

10. What happens if any of the team members become sick during the project?
Getting Sick, leaving the company and any other unavoidable situations are always an exception. The best way to handle these situation is to keep additional resources. We maintain 10% on bench resources for such situations and new projects, thus we always have a fall back plan

11. What if you hit a technical hurdle during the project? Do you have other team members or a network of programmers who can help you?
Yes, having a team of experts allows us to collaborate internally and externally. We do participate in forum discussions and exchange insights on various challenges. This situation is part of our daily routine and have learned how to effectively overrun. Nonetheless, the core team has together 50 years of total experience and have worked in California, USA for over 10 years. We are sure once we connect, we'll have a lot in common to share, discuss, learn and collaborate

12. Can you create milestones tied to payments? Or do you prefer escrow being funded and being paid at the end?
Yes, once we understand the project specifications, we can create milestones tied to payments. 100% Payment at the end is acceptable if the escrow is 100% funded.

13. How do you work with agency / contractors who have clients requiring these apps?
Simple: You handle the client servicing locally, come back and work with our Project leads through email / phone / skype and brief them on the project requirements. They will work closely with you to prioritise work, create milestones, provide designs, make interim demo (if required) and all that is required to provide WOW customer experience
ORACLE University
BEA WebLogic Portal & Develop Enterprise Portals
Awarded: 2008
ORACLE University
Oracle BPEL Process Manager
Awarded: 2008
Awarded: 2000
Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Programmer
Awarded: 2000
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Terms will be proposed in agreement with Client. Generally we are working with following Terms.

- Less than $2000 - 50% advance, 50% on Completion
- Between $2000 and $5000 - 30% advance, 40% on mid Project, 30% on Completion
- Between $5000 and $10000 - 25% advance, 25% on 1st Phase of Project, 25% on 2nd Phase of Project, 25% on Completion
- Over $10000 - 25% advance, 25% on 1st Phase of Project, 25% on 2nd Phase of Project, 25% on Completion. We will discuss with client & decide together.

For Hourly Projects:
We are comfortable to work using Elance Workview
Anderson Fabiano
Anderson Constants LLC, Owner
3D Game using Unity3D
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Credencys [Mobile Apps, Wearable, Cloud, IoT]