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Cristian M.

Your mobile ideas: ASP .NET, iPhone, Unity, Corona
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I am representing Black Bunny Studio, a young software company specialized in mobile and web development. We are working on both on-demand projects, as well as proprietary products.

Service Description
1. Native mobile applications (iOS & Android):
We can offer services in creating rich media applications for smart phones, containing any of the following features:
- Client-server functionality
- GPS, Google Maps
- Social integration (Facebook API, Twitter, Flurry, etc.)
- In-app purchase

2. 2D & 3D mobile games and eBooks:
We can bring your ideas to life. Our team will take care of both programming and graphics assets.
- Server application
- Multi-platform release (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle)
- Micro-transaction model
- OpenFeint and/or Game Center integration
- AdMob integration

3. Enterprise web applications:
We can offer the design and creation of CMS, ERP or web services with rich client side functionality.
- Technologies: ASP .NET, C#. MS SQL Server, Linq, HTML 5, CSS 3, Ajax
- Easy integration with mobile client applications

4. Graphics design:
We can offer the following graphics creations:
- Concept art
- Game graphics, animations and sprites
- Game GUI
- Web design
- Mobile application GUI
Romanian-American University
Masters in Echonomical Informatics
2006 - 2008
Cisco CCNA
2003 - 2004
Black Bunny Studio
2009 - Present
Steve Madden US
Senior software developer
2009 - 2010
Have worked on the e-commerce platform behind I have worked on both back-end and front-end modules. Components of the platform include: 1. Public website: Product listing, checkout, address validation, order tracking 2. Customer service website 3. Content Management website: Management of products, promotions, dynamic site content 4. Stores/Warehouse websites 5. Various automated jobs that offer: email notification, client billing, stocks monitoring, fraud filters and others
Montero Group
Senior software developer / architect
2007 - 2009
1. Have worked on the architecture and development of a web based ERP system. Its goal is to offer on the fly application development by business analysts (only requirement would be SQL knowledge). Key features of the application are live creation of list and edit pages, complete with dynamic filters and content validation (based on regular expressions). 2. Have worked in the development of the next version of the “Fill & Go International” suite (Rompetrol software). The product offers connectivity to various other systems by means of web services and replication, including a GPS localization system. Also, the user interface must be offered as a web application and a portable device smart client. The project was developed in ASP and C# (.NET 3.5) using Linq, code generation tools and SQL 2005. 3. Have worked on the analysis and implementation of a rule engine (InRule) in the current Rompetrol billing application. The project was developed using ASP, C# and VB (.NET 2.0) and SQL 2000 4. Have worked on two data analysis modules for the Emporiki bank. These modules included transaction, group and large exposures analysis. The project was developed using ASP and C# (.NET 2.0) and SQL 2005
Software developer / architect
2006 - 2007
1. Real Estate portal for the Dubai real-estate market. Written from scratch using a proprietary AQUASoft Portal Framework. We worked together with the Irish project management in order to achieve the final customer’s satisfaction. The application is developed on Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET and SQL 2005), offering a layered architecture and dynamic entities.
IBM Romania
Application Developer
2004 - 2006
Work on the development of the 1st and 2nd version of a web based application; the main purpose of this product is to offer an interface for IBM services to its customers. Key features of this application are: three-tier architecture, implementation of customer based workflows and a rule engine. The application is developed on Microsoft platform, using latest state-of-the-art technologies (ASP.Net, MS SQL, C#). Implemented an online orders system in a web based portal for a local brewery. The application was developed on Microsoft platform using ASP, VB 6 COM objects and SQL 2000. Development of a desktop application meant in assisting in the election process of Congressman James Rosapepe. This application offered an easy to use interface for accessing information regarding registered voters from a local database. The application was developed in C#, using an Access database for easy installation on the client side. Development of a general purpose framework and tools for any type of data driven application. Key features of this framework are: transactional business logic, shorten development time by automating most of code writing needs.
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Cristian M. | Elance

Cristian M.