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Brad Boesen

Expert proofreading, copy writing, and editing.
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"Quick. Flexible. Thorough. Those are the words that come to mind as I looked for someone to proof read a resume. I couldn't just trust anyone because in this market, it has to be perfect. Brad expertly got the job done quickly, within my budget and made great suggestions for improvement. Anytime I have an important document, its always going to The Squid." - Laura Kendall, Cleveland, OH

"The Squid offers peace-of-mind insurance. Accurate, affordable, and protection from those accidental vowel movements." - D. Doc Chaves, LI-COR Biosciences, Lincoln, NE

"One mistake can ruin a client's confidence in my product. The Squid makes sure my copy is perfect - at a reasonable price. I couldn't afford not to hire him." - Jim Key, Absolute Aeration, Grove, OK

“The Squid gave us an immediate quote and stuck to it. Quick, accurate and affordable; what more could you ask?” - Ryan Johnston, Firefly Fundraising, New York, NY

Service Description
Your ideas are important. Your reputation is important. Your livelihood is important.

The written material you present to the public is often the only window they have into your world. If that writing is sloppy, misspelled, or grammatically incorrect it directly reflects upon you.

As difficult and time consuming as they may be, proofreading and copy editing are an absolute must if you want your audience to take your written materials seriously.

Fortunately, The Critical Squid’s got your back.

**Squid Fact #1**

The colossal squid has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. Each one of the colossal squid’s eyes can be up to 30 cms across, being bigger than a dinner plate and having a lens the size of an orange.

The Critical Squid knows how difficult it is to accurately proofread your own material. You wrote it. You know what it’s supposed to say. It takes the fresh point of view of a qualified, professional proofreader to see what’s really there. It takes someone who's not already intimately familiar with your subject matter to tell you if what you've written makes sense to the uninitiated.

It takes The Squid.

Whether it’s an essay, book, legal document, resume, chart, graph, PowerPoint presentation, grant application or any other piece of writing, The Critical Squid misses nothing.

· Typographical Errors
· Grammatical Mistakes
· Run-On Sentences
· Punctuation & Quotation Marks
· Subject-Verb Disagreements
· Sentence Fragments and Lengths
· Spelling
· Apostrophes
· Comma Usage and Splices
· Capitalization
· Tenses
· Organization

The Squid will also assess the appropriateness of your copy for the audience you're trying to reach and will fully test and proof web content using that same discerning, uncompromising , bulbous eye.

He'll make sure your content is ready for publication.

**Squid Fact 2**

Squid Ink refers to the dark cloudy liquid that cephalopods release as a defense when being chased. Squid Ink is the original source of sepia inks.

Don't have time to write that content yourself? The Critical Squid can do that as well.

As a graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln School of Journalism, a published and internationally produced playwright and screenwriter, and a regular contributor to the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper, the Squid is eminently qualified to write any material you may need.

Add to that years of experience in document proofing and quality control with the Nebraska Legislature, the Gallup Organization, and Gallup Ltd. of London, and The Critical Squid is the only choice to handle all your proofing, copy editing, and copy writing needs.

**Squid Fact 3**

The squid is the most trustworthy and punctual member of the animal kingdom. In studies conducted at Rutgers University the squid completed all assigned tasks on time with 100% ratings for customer satisfaction.

Alright, I made that one up.

But The Critical Squid is no ordinary squid. He will not sacrifice quality for the sake of a deadline. The Squid will tell you up front how much time is needed for thorough, accurate proofing of your material and he’ll stick to that deadline.

The best proofreaders offer more than just a good work ethic and an eye for detail. A good proofreader should also be a great writer. The Critical Squid will proofread, edit, write or rewrite as needed until your material is ready for publication.

Contact The Critical Squid today for a quick, reasonable quote. Ask about Squid discounts for students and not for profit arts organizations.
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Bachelor of Journalism
1982 - 1986
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Brad Boesen