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Michel Martin del Campo

Highly-trained writer with an eye for language.
   United States
  |   Laredo, TX


I offer comprehensive proofreading and editing, either looking over a manuscript almost ready for publication or comprehensive analysis with revisions.

Research is second-nature to me and I can distill raw data into instructions or articles for publication. This also includes web content to target search engines and bring customers to your site. Seeding key words into text can be difficult and feel mechanical if not done right, but I have enough experience studying language to make the final product read naturally. This goes for most types of articles, though I can also write in a straight-forward manner for technical jobs.

Fiction is my passion, so my main focus lies there. I have experience in speculative fiction but also in traditional fiction set in the real world. I pay close attention to dialogue and cliches, avoiding them at all costs. Story comes first. I'm more than willing to ghostwrite longer works, though shorter fiction and even poetry are also welcome.
Service Description
I only take a few jobs at a time to maintain focus. I work fast and take my craft very seriously. I have a sense of humor about the whole thing. I have to, or otherwise work becomes work instead of something you I enjoy.

Artists practice their craft all the time. Athletes train whenever possible. As a writer, I practice whenever possible, too. Everything I read gets dissected, at least slightly, and everything I write is an exercise to better my trade.

Every project is different, but I have a few rules when it comes to writing.

-Plan ahead
-No draft is final until the last draft
-If you hit writer's block, go around
-You can't have too much information
-Better to have more written than you need than to not have enough
-Fluff is for pillows, not articles

Every writer, no matter what he or she says, hates getting revisions. We want to think that everything we write is a best-seller, but I also understand that first, second, even third drafts are often crap. Really. I will look at every piece of writing I submit and ask for your input. You're the client. You have final say.

That doesn't mean I won't step in if I see something needs major revision. To be perfectly blunt, I've worked with clients, in and out of Elance, who asked for certain changes I knew were mistakes. I had to put my foot down and explain the situation. These, however, are rare instances.

Overall, I'm very flexible. I've worked in enough fields (government, entertainment, education) to give me a wide array of tools for your project.
College Reading and Learning Association
Level 1 Tutor Training
Awarded: 2009
Texas A&M International University Writing Center
Writing Center Tutor Training
Awarded: 2007
DePauw University
Bachelor of Art (English Writing)
Awarded: 2006
DePauw University
Bachelor of Arts (English Writing)
2002 - 2006
Texas A&M International University
Writing Center Tutor/ Editor
2006 - Present
Aside from tutoring university students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, I am also the layout editor and co-editor of the Writer's Forum, a bimonthly magazine specializing in articles pertaining to writing techniques, news, reviews, and art and poetry contributions from both the staff and the university students.
Texas A&M International University
Adjunct Instructor
2009 - 2009
Students who don't have the necessary skills to write at the college level take developmental classes so they can learn how to put arguments together, construct essays, and think critically. I stress content over length and push them to really think about their communication skills.
Office of Congressman Henry Cuellar
Legislative Researcher
2008 - 2009
Legislative researcher covers a narrow field in Congressman Cuellar's office. The position focuses mainly on speech and introduction writing coupled with research with the other fellows in the office. The end product is usually a series of talking points or a speech to go over new legislation, grants, or to congratulate groups on grants and awards. Each speech needs to be as tight as possible while selling the congressman's accomplishments. Articles to target specific search engines or explain some complex topic to an audience unfamiliar with it would fall under the same criteria.
Payment Terms
Turnaround time depends on the project, so I couldn't really tell you without specifics. Obviously, my own familiarity with the subject, whether or not I need research, factors into it.

However, I'm a very fast writing, averaging more than 60 wpm and timing myself at 88+ wpm in some instances. I read extremely quickly and can skim a page of text to glean the general meaning and subject matter within a few seconds.
Terry Stinson
Office of Congressman Henry Cuellar, Chief of Staff
I worked as Congressman Cuellar's Legislative Researcher and Correspondant. I wrote speeches, put together background information for his speaking engagements, and drafted mail to constituents and other members of the House.
Kimberly Thomas
Texas A&M International University Writing Center, Writing Center Director
I worked under Mrs. Thomas for slightly over a year since she took the position of Writing Center Director in the summer of 2007. As stated in my job history, I was a tutor and layout editor/ co-editor of the Writer's Forum as well as a tutor.
Destine Holmgreen
Texas A&M International University Writing Center, Associate Director
I worked with Mrs. Holmgreen from November 2006 until my departure from the Writing Center in August 2008. I trained and worked closely with her to ensure quality in the Writer's Forum magazine and whenever other projects might arise that required the tutors' attention.
Andrea Sununu
DePauw University , Professor
Doctor Sununu was my mentor throughout college and I was lucky enough to have take her Ruin and Re-Begetting course my first year. She taught me about writing, about being passionate for something as small as a comma, and about the joy of taking pride in your work.
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Michel Martin del Campo