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Dainius P.

Expert php / sysadmin. Over 8 year of experience


Hardcore PHP programmer. All my work is original. I do not copy scripts from web, I do not resell the same script to all customers, i do not use opensource scripts to sell for customers. I do not re-outsource as well. I usually work on weekends as well.

I currently reside in London, UK.
Service Description
Overall I am in IT industry business from about 1999. The first years I've mostly been working with servers and networks, later about in 2003 I've got interested in programming. Worked with Perl/CGI,ASP, but mostly with PHP/MySQL. I am in IT business untill nowadays.

I think there is no need to mention that I worked with SOAP, OOP, XML, various API, REST etc.

I have a commercial experience in XHTML/CSS, frameworks etc. My favourite framework is CodeIgniter.
To "keep a PHP shape" I also like creating of pure structural code on my own projects :)

So I can fix 99.9% of the software/server problems, as I am a programmer with strong system administration background.

I also have commercial experience in XHTML slicing. I do not use just exports or software who slices designs. I do this manually. So I definitely won't slice design for 15$, because I am "pixel-perfect" slicer. I compare sliced layout with original PSD design.

Webmasters: if you are looking for a clones, be ready to receive stolen/warez "solutions". You cannot get a software clone for 20$. Just a stolen copy.

Serious works cannot be done for a small money. If your server stucks due via high loads, this usually means pure written software. Also server tweaking may be required. Most scripts are not to be used on big sites, that's the problem. And having just 1 000 000 records in DB is a headache.

1.I am not one of those who wins the bid and then seeks for other programmer to complete a task;
2.I am not one of those who shouting "I am the best and the cheapest". The best cannot be the cheapest, right? (maybe only when there ar no reviews). You cannot buy Maybach for 100$, right? I think every webmaster should expect the same quality of work he pays :D
3. I want you to make happy with my work, so i will work untill you are satisfied.
4. I always try to place reasonable and wise-priced bids. I cannot place 100$ bid for 2 lines of code. But if you want "create flash casino connected with db and all featured edited within admin area+ affiliate system" for 20$... I think you will just get a stolen software, wich copyright links removed. I saw such things many times. Believe me, you will mee problems later with that :D But of course, it is your choide.
5. I usually need FTP/Cpanel access, to modify your files. If you cannot provide this login dues some reasons, please DO NOT accept my bid. How can I work, then? I CAN make some exceptions, of course.
6. If I bid, I am 99% sure about success.
7. I always provide support for my jobs.
8. If I do not respond email within 1 day, that means I am busy like in hell, so I am just sorry about that. Just write to me AGAIN, please. You WILL get a response. Sometimes I miss emails via lots of emails in my inbox.
9. I ususally do not bid, if webmaster wants: "Just change one colour", including reinstalling server, reslicing entire website, fix bugs :D In those cases I just bid for "Just change colours"; well, usually I do not bid. Also, if you have lots of cancelled projects, I do not trust such webmasters too much. Well, I can work for those webmasters, but require escrow.
10. usually I do not require escrow. I try make webmaster happy first, in order me to keep for further jobs.
11. I am always open for any negotiations :D
12. If I've made fixes for 15$, that does not mean I will work with your complex project for that price. As I've mentioned, prices should be adequate. Quality of work usually is proportional of the price + programmer reviews.
13. You can just contact me for some consulting or questions. That does not mean I will work offsite.

14. I read all invites to bid. If I do not bid or respond, that means your budget is far away from realistic budget. Believe me, I also would like to hire people to work for $1 or less per hour. I dont believe, you can get a quality work for that price.

15. If you tried several freelancers, and they told your job is impossible to fix/do, try me!

16. I had extremely bad experience working with Asian customers. Their $10 per project tasks turned for me into "Buy me hosting, Buy me domain, How to do this? Can you do this?(for free), Manage my sites (for free) " etc., so most likely, I will reject any work requests. I will accept ONLY a very clear projects, like "I need 2 bugs to be fixed/features aded: descripion 1, description2".

17. I am getting lots of invitations. I will NOT accept invitations, if you require to be expert in 20 areas, and I will not be expert even in 1 area.

18. I will NOT work with any webmaster, that posts lots of projects, and has low project award rate, lots of cancelled projects etc.

19. Under ANY circumstances, I will NOT give away any of customers site`s data, that includes files, database, images, logins etc., unless I have a court decision. Even if your software is worth millions, I will NOT use/give away. I am programmer, and know how it costs, and how much time it takes.

20. I will NOT bid even on similar projects: "I know it`s a very simple job, I just do not have time, but it`s a very simple". "Place bid first, then I will tell what I need to be done for $20 ".

21. I know it`s annoying, but I frequently place bid without prices. That means, I NEED some more technical information. Even it might sound stupid, website url is important as well. I can tell quite much about problems after viewing the site url. I never take money for checking a problem. As I mentioned previously- no results = no money. I still have NO such projects so far.

22. I`ve just made a conclusion: you are patient, if you read this all :)

Even I am new on this site(actually, was not working for years on this site), I am active freelancer on some other sites.
I think I could give links to my profiles on those things.

Also... I did not used any spell checker or Google translator to write all this, so you can evaluate my English level :D

Thanks for reading.
Payment Terms
You pay for result only. I usually don't require any pre-payments.
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