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Dale & Sawhook, Inc.

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About the Company

When you hire the Writers by Design team at Dale & Sawhook, Inc. you aren't just working with writers -- you are working with talented wordsmiths who can take your concepts and create content that delivers the results you deserve.

The Writers by Design team is a renowned and highly-admired team of professional wordsmiths. We have been providing writing services to the Elance community for more than eight years and we would be happy to put our skills and experience to work for you!

Our company caters to both the government and public sectors, being ORCA registered and approved. No matter what your writing needs may be, no matter how large or small your business is, you can ensure the success and growth of your organization with our superior writing services.
Service Description
Dale and Sawhook offers writing services targeted to all writing genres. Our diverse staff can provide you with the skills, experience and creativity you need to ensure that your writing project is handled properly and professionally. Combined, we have written hundreds of articles, dozens of press releases, numerous ebooks and even some novels. Whether you are in need of business writing or creative writing, we can provide you with quality content and professional services. We are a trusted elance provider, and are ready to put our skills and experience to work for you!

Dale and Sawhook is Writers by Design. Our firm has established a unique concept pertaining to skills in writing. After conducting research and studies, we have found that individuals with an I.Q. ranging between 130 and 150 have a natural tendency to excel at creating astounding content and material. It's therefore been proven that these individuals are "writers by design" and will naturally produce written material that will exceed our clients' expectations. Our staff falls within these ranges and collectively has over 80 years of writing experience. We offer skilled writing services at affordable rates. Our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority.
Editing Skills
Awarded: 2008
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Search Engine Marketing Certification
Awarded: 2008
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
50 percent deposit required on most projects, $25 minimum. Project completion times vary and depend upon the length and scope of the project.
Andrea Muench
United Equine Foundation, Treasurer
Created website conent, press releases, informational material and petition content for this nationwide nonprofit organization.
Dale & Sawhook, Inc. | Elance

Dale & Sawhook, Inc.