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Dave Moffitt

Dave Moffitt - Experienced & Proven Professional
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What My Clients Say…

“I am a HUGE FAN of Dave's work. I hired him to rewrite a sales piece for us that just wasn't selling... Our project started off with an hour and a half phone call, where Dave asked a lot of questions so he could get a good feel for the subject matter to write the best copy. And it truly is the best copy I've seen in a long time." – Tina Baiter-Bell, Director of Business Development, Urgent Care Management Monthly

"Dave, this is incredible - I'm blown away. I love that it is not just excellent writing, but that you really absorbed the vision and the strengths of the company and created a script that truly fits the brand" - Dan Salvo, Points Group Media Director

"Thank you SO much for this. There is no chance I would ever have thought to write this copy in this way. Your work is fantastic!" – Kathie Robeson, CEO, ElearningExperts, LLC

Results matter. Let my email marketing and sales copy skills make a real difference in your business.
Service Description
My mission is to create top quality blog posts and other content marketing that generates more business for you. Better messaging enhances your brand and increases profits.

Hiqh quality blog posts and other content requires some strategic thinking, good research, and a compelling, professional writing style. It is a proven fact that with the right guidance and execution, your business will show significant increases in engagement and sales.

Here is something else to get excited about: most of your competitors are probably leaving money on the table from poor content marketing. Why not get ahead of them and pick up that money they left on the table?

That's not hype. When you understand both the psychology of online marketing and the practical mechanisms to get it done, you get results.

I love talking about online marketing with business owners, corporate marketing managers, and marketing agencies. The powerful results that come from implementing best practices are worth talking about... and then worth doing. Let's take action and get results.

A list of services I offer:

Premium Blog Posts
Online Marketing Coaching
Online Marketing Strategy
Email Copywriting
Email Newsletters
Email Campaign Management/Execution
Lead Generation Reports
List Building Services
White Papers
Sales Copy
Marketing Consulting

Let me create content that:

-enhances customer engagement and loyalty
-keep you 'top of mind' when that prospect is finally ready to buy
-boosts your brand awareness and protects your brand reputation

The bottom line is I'm going to make your job easier and make you look good with well-executed content marketing.

NEXT STEP: Click the green 'Hire Me' button on the top right of your computer screen to invite me to your project and start the dialogue.

P.S. - If you are at all worried about hiring me, please know that I have a 100% money back guarantee. See 'Payment Terms' section of my profile for details.
Duct Tape Marketing
Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
Awarded: 2011
Monopolize Your Marketplace
Senior Copywriter
2012 - 2015
Wrote thousands of web pages, copy for emails, postcard campaign pieces, reports, and many more marketing pieces.
Payment Terms
My 'ZERO-RISK-TO-YOU' Guarantee: If you're not happy with the finished work or you don't think it'll get results, I will give you all of your money back with no hassles and no stress. Just ask at the time of final copy delivery and I will honor your request.

Dave Moffitt | Elance

Dave Moffitt