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David Nunez

Boston - iPad / iPhone Apps & Games for kids
   United States
  |   Somerville, MA
  |  4:48 pm Local Time

About the Company

I have a particularly deep background and interest in developing interactive media and apps for kids. I am a software developer with over 12 years of experience. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, I specialize in innovative user interfaces, physical computing, apps and game development.

I love using tools and platforms like iOS, Unity3D, Cinder, openFrameworks (oF), and Processing. My recent clients have included JK Rowling's Lumos organization, Candlewick Press, PBS, Electric Type and the Personal Robotics Group at the MIT Media Lab.

My project, Bytes and Bots at the Children's Museum of Houston, engages students to explore programming ideas through an animatronic lobster and bird. I designed the multitouch table used to play the Electric Gongs, a set of instruments for the Austin Children’s Museum. My robotic marionette, El Quemira, won multiple blue ribbons at the 2007 Austin Maker Faire.
Service Description
Let's work together. I'm looking forward to it!

I commit to using rapid development methodology that puts a first draft in your hands for feedback very soon after starting a project and I work to maintain this high velocity to bring projects to completion on or before deadlines.

I firmly believe that it's my job to maintain open communication throughout a project and make myself available to my clients through tools like video conferencing, screensharing, and frequent email, cell phone calls, and instant messaging.

Working with an unknown business partner on Elance can feel like a gamble; I completely understand and appreciate anytime I hear caution and concerns. You may notice, for example, that a lot of the responses to your project from other providers look "canned" or cut-and-paste. Most don't even seem to reference the specifics of your project. Indeed, many companies go on "fishing expeditions" and reply to as many projects as they can, hoping that one or two take the bait. Often the person you talk to during this high-pressure sales situation is the "front-man" with better-than-average communication skills; after you've given up your down payment, you am left trying to work with programmers who don't actually understand what you need.

I don't think that's the right way to do business, and I do hope that I get the opportunity to prove this to you.

I am far more interested in building a relationship with you for the duration of your project and hopefully beyond. That means I want to understand your particular business needs and I're not afraid to tell you if I think a different approach could save you money while achieving success.

In fact, for me, it's all about honesty and being forthright. It's in my best interest to help you feel very comfortable with your choice to work with me as soon as I begin a project and I will be eager to impress you with real results as quickly as possible.

I advocate constant feedback cycles -- you should have the opportunity to make course corrections early and often.

I am in Eastern Standard Time, US and maintain "normal office hours" for our clients where I am 100% accessible. Please feel confident that I're always responsive to urgent requests around the clock, and better yet, promise to proactively raise red flags and offer alternative solutions whenever I foresee potential project roadblocks.

I're also aware that I're not the expert at all things and am very particular about the types of projects I bid on. If I don't believe I'm the best person for your job, I won't waste your time.

That being said, please note that my network of partners and fellow freelancers allows me to subcontract work when necessary; for example, when I think a different designer may fit a client's aesthetic better or when non-critical work would be better performed by a lower cost resource, passing the savings on to you.

Whether or not you choose to work with me on your next project or give another provider a chance, I wish you all the best and hope I will have the opportunity to work together soon.
Rice University
Computer Science and Managerial Studies, BA
1996 - 2000
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I prefer eLance escrow for new clients.

For projects under 5000 USD:
- 100% of project fee in escrow before work begins, 100% release on delivery of completed project

For projects over 5000 USD:
- 50% down, 50% distributed among agreed upon milestones

I'm happy to discuss alternate terms on a case-by-case basis.
I stand behind our work with a 30-day warranty and am always happy to provide necessary support and suggestions for ongoing improvements.
David Nunez | Elance

David Nunez