See More Sales, Authentically. *Top .001% Internationally* NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy Sells | Elance
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See More Sales, Authentically. *Top .001% Internationally* NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy Sells

Experience Exploding Sales Now & Plug Your Leaks!
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About the Company

"Nothing Short of a MARKETING GENIUS and Master Wordsmith"
"$42,000 in contracts with 1 sales letter in 3 days!" "Tripled Amazon Sales with 1 description" “Absolute BEST at what she does." "Fixed my strategy. Plugged the leaks. Finally seeing sales and leads.""Diane was on target every time..."
"The hypnotic language that she utilises is such a benefit to anyone and is sure to greatly increase the results that you get.”
“Extremely professional; Outstanding job. Her knowledge of hypnotic writing is amazing!"

Discover why more than 1,000 satisfied clients get their NLP Infused Hypnotic Advertising & Sales Copy from NLPHC
Service Description
Internationally Ranked Among the Top .001%

See Higher Sales and Profitable Targeted Leads by leveraging our industry leading consulting--before you waste another dollar on 'aimless' marketing and advertising, because a business without a solid plan of actionable steps, is like a ship without a chart in stormy waters...

Allow us to help you create a customized plan to reach your goals, and see success because it's the only sure-fire way to discover...
>>How to use NLP infused Hypnotic Advertising & Sales Copy and Direct Marketing advertising to accelerate your sales and see more profitable leads
>>How to optimize and customize your sales funnel (or have us craft the profitable lead generating sales funnel from scratch)
>>How to layout your website (wireframe design), and how it plays into your branded sales funnel
>>How strategically placed colors and images can incite the emotions you need
>>How to identify red-flags in your marketing pieces, your sales funnel, and on your website and STOP driving away customers
>>Whether you should send one email, ten or 100--and which "send out" pattern your emails should follow for your unique situation (how many sales emails, free content emails, newsletters, ezines, etc)

>>Plus which strategies, tactics, and tools are right to allow you to experience maximum conversions, sales, and leads (every business and industry is different...)

If you need help crafting the nlp infused hypnotic sales copy that resonates, connects, builds rapport and allows you to see more sales...

Or you need the actionable plan that will help you reach your goals, then simply contact us to get answers to your questions today.

Your Partner in Success,

Diane E. Boerstler, M.NLP
Executive Creative Director

American Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master Neuro-Linguisting Programming (NLP)
Awarded: 2011
Saint Mary's College/University of Notre Dame
Bachelors Degree in Social and Statistical Science
2003 - 2006
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Based on project, no more than 2 weeks between milestone payments.
See More Sales, Authentically. *Top .001% Internationally* NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy Sells | Elance

See More Sales, Authentically. *Top .001% Internationally* NLP Infused