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Tomasio B.

Mac OS X / Cocoa / Objective-C / iPad / iPhone
  |   Calgary, Alberta


My work focuses around object-oriented application design and development for Mac, including Mac desktop, iPad and iPhone. Mac software design and development has become my passion. I have a keen attention to detail and a strong aesthetic sensibility. I guarantee the quality of my work and my clients' satisfaction.

My process to writing quality software is more than just hacking code. Good design is critical for an app to be successful and easy to maintain. This requires following well-established design principles: the same principles employed by Apple and other design-centric companies. Quality software must include careful attention to detail and the overall user experience, a solid architecture, coding best practices, and great artwork and graphics design.
Service Description
I'm a senior software engineer and UX designer with many years experience in software development on both commercial and open source projects (see for an example of one of my open source projects). I received Bachelors and Masters degrees in computer science, mathematics and business administration at the Universtiy of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I'm also interested in social applications of technology. Particularly open source technologies applied to transparency of government, participatory democracy, connecting people and ideas, collaboration, information access and representation, individual privacy, and more recently, Bitcoin. All within a Mac OS X, Cocoa, Objective-C, and iOS context.

Some of the technologies I've worked with over the years include Objective-C, Cocoa, AppleScript, Java, C++, C, Scheme, Android Platform, Perl, HTML, XML, JHTML, Qooxdoo JavaScript/Ajax Framework, PHP, Javadoc, Xcode, Eclipse, JUnit, Swing, SWT, CORBA, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, JDBC, Git, GitHub, Bugzilla, Subversion, CVS, Apache Web Server, ATG Dynamo Web Server, Servlets, Unix, Shell Scripts, OS X Admin, OpenGL, OpenInventor, NeXTstep, OpenStep, Mathematica, and Agile/SCRUM development methods.

Generally, unique and interesting applications of technology with a distinct design-focus is often enough to pique my interest. Feel free to drop me a line to discuss your Mac/iPad/iPhone project requirements.
Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (Score: 97%)
Awarded: 2007
University of Calgary
Master of Science in Computer Science
- 1998
University of Calgary
Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics
- 1998
University of Calgary
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
- 1994
Blue Muse Inc.
Principal Software Engineer
2014 - Present
Blue Muse is a software design and development company that focuses on building beautiful Mac and iOS apps. We are currently working on an innovative Mac desktop brainstorm product that makes heavy use of Apple's Core Animation technology, allowing creative professionals to really focus on their creative process. Stay tuned for the launch of our desktop brainstorm app in late 2014.
Mother Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
2010 - 2013
Mother Inc. is a small and highly creative multidisciplinary design studio and consultancy with a keenly developed design aesthetic. My contract with Mother was to spearhead the software development of a suite of Mac desktop and iOS applications uniquely tailored to creative professionals and the process of developing and exploring new ideas. Technologies include Objective-C, Cocoa, Core Animation, Core Data, Key-Value Coding/Observing, Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, Git, GitHub, and PivotalTracker.
The GNU Project
GnuSpeech Open Source Developer
2008 - 2012
I've been involved on-and-off with the GnuSpeech project which is a part of the larger Savannah GNU Project. I've worked to port the articulatory speech synthesis framework to Mac OS X 10.5/6 and enhance the existing software. This includes design and implementation of a text-to-speech server using the OS X distributed objects architecture (an elegant IPC/RPC technology), as well as developing GnuSpeech OS X services, GUI development, and more complete English language parser support. See for more details. Technologies include, Cocoa, Objective-C, C, Client/Server architecture, OS X Distributed Objects, OS X Services, Xcode, Interface Builder, SVN, CVS, and articulatory speech synthesis research.
Senior Software Engineer
2009 - 2010
While contracting for Zecter (now part of Motorola Mobility), a Silicon Valley startup developing technology connecting users to their content across all of their devices, I was lead developer of the Android mobile client for the ZumoDrive platform which we built from the ground-floor and launched to the Android marketplace. The Android client allows users to access all their content in the cloud, with core features including a file browser, music browser (artists, albums, songs, playlists), streaming background music player, photo library album browser with list, grid and sliding gallery views. Also included was support for opening, sharing, and downloading arbitrary files, music, and photos, as well as uploading local files/photos/videos, and live picture/video. I was also involved in furthering Mac OS X development of the ZumoDrive desktop client, extending it to provide full Snow Leopard support. Technologies included Objective-C, Cocoa, Xcode, Interface Builder, Carbon, mach_star, Java, Eclipse, Git, GitHub, SQLite, and the Android development platform.
The Azureus Project
Open Source Developer
2008 - 2010
I've been involved with two open source projects revolving around Azureus' P2P bittorrent technology. I've added OS X support for the Azureus Net Monitor plugin that monitors ISP's throttling of client bandwidth. I've also designed/implemented and now maintain a torrent search plugin that queries centralized torrent trackers and presents the aggregated results in a user-friendly view selectable by category. See for more details. Technologies include, Java, Eclipse, SWT, HTML, Regular Expressions, SVN, and the Azureus plugin architecture.
Independent Contractor
Software Engineer
2009 - 2009
While working as an independent contractor, I was involved in a number of shorter-term OS X roles involving Cocoa Objective-C. These include feature addition and problem resolution of a PhotoBooth-like kiosk software and hardware system, development of dynamic context menu extensions for the Snow Leopard Finder, development of an icon compositing RPC distributed objects server for icon overlays, development of QuickLook icon generators, and development of an elegant Spotlight-like web search status/menu bar item. Technologies included Objective-C, Cocoa, Xcode, Interface Builder, C, Carbon, Core Graphics, OpenGL, Icon Services, OS X Distributed Objects, QuickLook Generators, OS X Services, and mach_star.
Western States Art Federation
Software Engineer
2008 - 2009
While contracting for the Western States Art Federation (WESTAF), I've been involved in the redesign of a Mac OS X application utilizing AppleScript and Scripting Bridge technologies to control Apple's iPhoto application to ease and simplify the adjudication process in selecting works of art for inclusion in a nationwide registery that aims to showcase and promote diverse collections of contemporary visual art. Technologies included Objective-C, AppleScript, Scripting Bridge, XML, Regular Expressions, Xcode, Interface Builder, and iPhoto scriptability APIs.
One Source Business Solutions
Software Engineer
2008 - 2008
While contracting for One Source, I was involved in porting a web administration application written in the qooxdoo JavaScript/Ajax framework to qooxdoo release 0.7.3 for a client that was using the application for sales order and inventory management. I also extended the functionality of the application to include image gallery support for product items by allowing images to be added through an elegant image upload and viewing facility. Technologies included qooxdoo JavaScript/Ajax framework, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Eclipse, SVN, Apache Web Server, and PHP.
Art Technology Group
Professional Services Engineer
2000 - 2001
During my time at ATG, I was employed in an environment that required a strong understanding of the Dynamo application server technology suite, and subsequent leveraging of these technologies to aid our clients and technology partners in e-enabling businesses, providing personalization, e-commerce, and eCRM solutions. This involved consulting roles at client sites to facilitate rapid development and deployment of their websites. Technologies included Java, ATG Dynamo Web Server, HTML, JHTML, Servlets, SQL, and Oracle.
News Connect
E-Commerce Systems Engineer
1999 - 2000
During my time at News Connect, I was employed in a fast-paced environment involving e-commerce development under the Java platform. Core projects included: development of a Java/C++ CORBA client/server system for the University Admissions Centre ApplyByWeb IVR interface; development of the News Connect Gateway API, an application programming framework that allows clients to employ a credit card payment solution easily; development of the core technical specification documents required for establishing the News Connect electronic funds transfer business (or reseller package) required by clients seeking to implement an e-commerce payment gateway; development of a Java-based XML-aware transaction processing system; development of Perl-based transaction report generation and reconciliation software. Technologies included Java, C++, CORBA, Perl, HTML, XML, MySQL, JDBC, and Javadoc.
Trillium Sound Research
Systems Programmer/Analyst
1992 - 1993
A portion of my early work experience was obtained during the design and implementation of a multi-modal document browsing system for the visually impaired. The system consisted of a digitizing tablet, textured overlay, and stylus, from which tactile and aural sensory data would provide a visually impaired user with enough information to maneuver and browse through text documents. A text-to-speech translation system provided the user with the required aural information in the form of synthesized speech. Technologies included Objective-C, NeXTstep APIs, Interface Builder, Project Builder, NeXT platform, and graphics tablets.
Payment Terms
None specified
Dr. Brian Wyvill
University of Victoria, Professor & Canadian Research Chair
Graduate supervisor for Master of Science degree. The topic of my M.Sc. research, "Feature-Based Face Detection," involved obtaining detailed information on the location, shape and structure of various landmark facial features such as the mouth, nose, eyes, and eyebrows without user intervention. A variety of computer vision techniques were employed, with several novel contributions to the discipline. In addition, a number of techniques for tracking lip movement were also examined. This work has a large number of practical applications, most notably in the areas of face recognition and human-computer interaction.
David Hill
University of Calgary, Professor Emeritus
Designed and implemented a multi-modal document browsing system for the visually impaired. The system consisted of a digitizing tablet, textured overlay, and stylus, from which tactile and aural sensory data would provide a visually impaired user with enough information to maneuver and browse through text documents. A text-to-speech translation system provided the user with the required aural information in the form of synthesized speech.
Tomasio B. | Elance

Tomasio B.